Love Live! Score Match Progress

So I have been playing exclusively with Score Match, an ongoing event within the game that runs from 5th Oct to 15th Oct. Yep, it’s already halfway.

The grand prize is the new SR Nishikino Maki card:


There are 2 ways to get the card. One is to collect 25,000 points. The other is to simply rack up as many points as possible and increase your ranking. You get 1 card if you’re top 6000, and 2 if you’re top 1200. So you can win a maximum of 3 SR Maki cards in this event.

I don’t think I can reach top 6000 (I’m like top 50,000 right now). I haven’t checked the leaderboard to see how many points it takes to get to top 6000 position. I don’t want to get discouraged lol.

But I think I should be able to collect 25,000 points, though uncomfortably. I have now collected about 12,500 points, which is halfway (just as the event is already halfway).

In Love Live!, it takes 6 minutes to recover 1 stamina point. That means 10 stamina points per hour. Hard songs are generally the way to go to get more EXP and event points (maximum bang for your bucks), and they generally use 15 stamina points (so that’s 1 and a half hour).

That means, without using Loveca stones to replenish stamina points and without leveling up, one can play 16 Hard songs a day. And I get an average of 170 event points per Hard song, and so 16 * 170 = 2720 points. The event is 10 days, so 10 * 2720 = 27200 points, just slightly above 25000 points to get the SR Maki card. Of course I need sleep and I don’t watch the game all the time so as you can see, it’s pretty uncomfortable.

I think the reason I’m slightly ahead now is because I get more than 170 points when I perform well and when I level up, the game will fully recover my stamina points so that means bonus Hard songs. I’m at a level where if my stamina points recover to full, I can play 2 Hard songs, plus 1 more shortly after.

If I fall behind in my progress, I guess I’ll just use Loveca stones near the end of the event in order to make it. You can use 1 Loveca stone to fully recover stamina points, which for me means 3 bonus Hard songs and 3 * 170 = 510 points. Ideally I should save Loveca stones to get rare cards (I have about 20 stones now) but I guess I can use them for occasions like this.

Basically in order to make it I gotta keep playing Score Match instead of the normal game, which is what I’m doing (since the normal game takes up stamina points as well). Which is okay since I like the random selection of songs and this event pushes me to level up (I’m level 32 now, close to level 33 where the game’s story can progress. At the start of the event, I was level 27).

I have also gotten some prizes from the event.

This is a new Normal card Jennifer:


I only have 1 card of her right now so I can’t awaken her yet.

And there is this… sheep?


She can’t be leveled up and all her stats is 1. A joke card, I guess.

I gotta say, they have gotten creative at utilizing the 9 notes mechanic and I like it X)


One thought on “Love Live! Score Match Progress

  1. merinfo

    I must say i appreciate this particular post. Plus searching everywhere just for this! Thank goodness I discovered it on Bing. You cash in on the morning! Thx yet again!


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