Shinovi Versus Revisit

So it’s been a while since I last played this game.

Last time, I managed to max Yagyu’s level and her skills:


Today I raised Asuka and Haruka to max level 50:



It’s nothing difficult, though. Raising level is pretty fast in this game. Raising the yin-yang stats takes longer -_-”

Also, it’s kinda annoying, but I’m stuck at 96/98 on lottery:


They should allow us to skip the long-winded result animation… -.-;

Another instance where I hate randomness… -_-”

I’m trying to rank my favorite kunoichi. Very difficult >.<

I only managed to make top 10 (of 20) list that is in no particular order. It goes like this:

asuka katsuragi yagyu yumi yozakura shiki ryobi yomi hikage haruka

So if I were to continue playing, I guess I would focus on them… ^^;


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