Super Dangan Ronpa 2 girls

Beat prologue & chapter 1 of Super Dangan Ronpa 2, and fell to sleep after that.

The whole thing was pretty long, but it didn’t disappoint.

Anyway, I decided not to put spoilers here, so I would talk about something else.

The girls :p

Nanami Chiaki


The gamer. Has a quiet and calm personality. Tends to fall asleep even while standing.

Sonia Nevermind


Queen of a small country. A lady-like foreigner that is fascinated with Japanese culture.

Mioda Ibuki

2013-10-12-210346 (1)

She is surprisingly easygoing for someone with her attire (I don’t know if that’s visual kei or simply rock, lol…)

Owari Akane


Her skin color and the facts that she is a good athlete and likes to eat remind me of Asahina Aoi…

Saionji Hiyoko


The yandere… umm, I don’t know, traditional performer?

Tsumiki Mikan


The clumsy girl who always apologizes. Supposedly a nurse.

Koizumi Mahiru


The photographer. Pretty plain character.

Pekoyama Peko


She carries a sword (maybe kendo blade) with funny name who somehow looks similar to Dangan Ronpa 1’s Fukawa Touko.

Anyway, during free times where you can improve your relationship with characters, I just go with Chiaki and Sonia for now ^^;

Onto chapter 2! X)


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