SR Nishikino Maki Card Get!

So I managed to get the new SR (Super Rare) Nishikino Maki card which is the main prize of the current event!


Unfortunately, I think I can only get 1 of this card -.-;

Two cards would be needed if I want to ‘awaken’ this card.

In this event, you can get 3 of this card max.

The first is obtained by collecting 25,000 event points, which I did.

The second is by increasing your rank in the leaderboard. If you’re top 6,000, you would get 1 card when the event is over. If you’re top 1,200, you would get 2 (so 1 + 2 = 3).


I looked at the leaderboard and checked how many points were needed to get to top 6,000, and it was around 49,000:


Which is almost twice of my current 25,000 points, and there are only 1 and a half days left.

And this is now; the points could increase dramatically especially near the end of the event.

Even if I were to use Loveca stones to recover my stamina (I have about 20 of them now), I still don’t think I can make it (they probably would give me additional 10,000 points but that is still 10,000 points short). In fact, if I were to go down this path, I might fall into a situation where near the end I would be very tempted to buy Loveca stones (in order to make it). And there’s no guarantee I would make it since other players might do the same ^^;

So with that, I give up getting more of this card *waves a white flag*

I guess this event speaks of the popularity of Love Live! and Nishikino Maki ^^;

The awakened version probably uses that illustration of Maki in the black dress, anyway:


(although it can be something else entirely…)

I gotta say, this event really pushed me to raise my level (from level 26 to 37):


I think I would still continue to play Score Match until the event is over, even if I don’t aim for the ranking. I like how the song is randomly chosen, and the exchange of messages between players before and after the song.

One day I should indeed reward the company for making such an enjoyable rhythm x card collection game.

Not today… ^^;


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