My current Super Rare cards

It’s been a while since I last posted (actually just two days, lol).

I thought I would be playing Super Dangan Ronpa 2 all the time, but I kinda stopped because 1) I was focused on the Love Live! event and 2) other stuffs. Rest assured I’m still excited to carry on playing Super Dangan Ronpa 2!

In any case, the Love Live! event ‘First Score Match’ is over (no doubt there would be more in the future). As expected, I didn’t manage to get more SR Maki card.

I did manage to get another Jennifer card:


So I can awaken her:


I looked at my collection, and apparently these are all the Super Rare cards that I have:






None is awakened (because I don’t have a double) and I don’t have a single Ultra Rare card T.T

Just one little extra thing, another Normal card I recently awakened that I quite like:


Also, they are polling on which girls should be made into Christmas cards:


The first position would be made into Ultra Rare card and given as a login bonus (!!). The second and third positions would be made into Super Rare cards as event prizes.

Perhaps my first Ultra Rare card!? X)

I voted for Maki of course… ^^;

I hope Maki, Nico and Nozomi win since they are my top 3 girls X)


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