Multiple updates

Due to family events, I couldn’t find time to blog these past few days, lol ^^;

So here is everything I wanted to write individually, all in one place ;)

Super Dangan Ronpa 2

I haven’t progressed much, but I did all the Free Times (where you’re free to ‘date’ any still-alive character) in Chapter 2.

I just kept going for Chiaki, a fellow gamer:


It’s pretty easy to gift her; just give her all gaming-related stuffs ^^;

Project Diva F2nd Demo


Unfortunately the demo doesn’t allow you to take screenshots >_<

There are 3 songs and 2 difficulties, easy and normal. The 3 songs are Romeo To Cinderella and Colorful X Melody (both from Project Diva 2nd) and the new song Akatsuki Arrival. The new song is not bad, I think.

There are 2 new types of scratch notes: Link Scratch and Double Scratch. Link Scratch basically has the star traveling along lines and you have to scratch at the 'checkpoints'.

The UI has been updated and the graphics generally look crisper.

Also, you can now use 2 Challenge Items at once! Shy Target (make the notes pop up last minute) and High Speed (make the notes move super fast) make even a Normal song significantly harder to perfect (just one of them is already giving me trouble ^^;)

The characters also do different actions now on mission results screen. Generally more kawaii.

I know Project Mirai 2 for 3DS also has a demo up. Guess I'll download this next X)

Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate (Vita)

I finally gave in when my game shop stocked up the Japan-region normal edition.

The thought of being able to play both Dynasty Warriors 7 and Samurai Warriors 3 characters on the go is tantalizing. Plus, you can play as Ryu Hayabusa, Ayane, Kasumi, Momiji (from Ninja Gaiden series) and Sophitia (from Soul Calibur!)

I’m glad they make Wang Yuanji and Kaihime available early X)



At first I thought the additional systems were too complicated but now I’m used to them. The game is pretty much based on Dynasty Warriors 7 engine (which I quite like) mashed up with Samurai Warriors 3Z system where appropriate.

You can do pretty neat stuffs like triple musou:


The graphics & frame-rate quality are not very good but acceptable, I guess. The Vita version is give-and-take PS2 quality graphics with okay frame-rate that ‘occasionally dips’. I’m pretty sure PS3 version has much smoother experience. The price for portability, I guess. It’s mostly okay but I would be lying if I said that I don’t get a little annoyed sometimes ^^; (it’s still at least much better than Samurai Warriors Chronicles for 3DS).

But I gotta say, this game is very addictive. It’s pretty much why I stopped Super Dangan Ronpa 2, and this game actually shows me how short Vita’s battery life is (maybe my Vita is dying? ^^;)

And this is also probably the ultimate portable Musou to date yet X)

Love Live!

Except for one song, I’ve perfected (done a full combo) on every ‘non-special’ Hard songs unlocked so far:


(The rank that is about combo is the middle of the three).

I have also maxed all my cards’ kizuna, so now I’m leveling up the normal cards (by fusing them with other cards).

Apparently you shouldn’t level up the rare cards without much thought as the rare cards’ skills can only be leveled up if the cards to fuse have the same skills. And when the cards reach max level, they can’t no longer be fused. So for rare cards it’s better to wait until you have rare cards with the same skills to fuse and level them up.

Pretty much a bad news is they increase the price of Loveca stones. This probably follows Apple raising the app prices in Japan.

Fairy Fencer F

And that’s about it. Though I’m excited, I haven’t played Fairy Fencer F yet… ^^;


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