New event start!

When you boot up the game and it says it’s downloading something… it means new event! XD

This time the event girl is Ayase Eri:


The event runs from 20th to 31st Oct. Apparently her birthday is on 21st.

I don’t mind her. She’s probably my fourth or fifth favorite girl (with Maki, Nico and Nozomi being the top 3). Still, I’m not as excited as with the previous Maki event.

I also want a Nico event someday X)

This time it’s a standard event, unlike the previous one. Basically now when you play normal songs, some of the notes may contain items; just gotta be careful to catch these. Collecting these items doubles as getting some event points, but not so much.

Then there’s one special song that doesn’t use stamina but these items. When you beat this song you gain significant amount of event points, especially in the hardest difficulty.

This time the song is Cutie Panther:


I tried the song and the hard mode is pretty tricky… basically a lot of those of ‘tapping while holding’ moments -.-;

But yeah, very upbeat song. Seems to be pretty recent, just released this July.

I can only find a remix version in YouTube:

And the official sample:

The remix version may be better since it gives even more ‘oomph!’ to the already upbeat song ^^;

I guess what makes Love Live! more special than Idolm@ster (in my opinion) is they are more aggressive about trying new genres (After School Navigators, for example) ^^;

Eri, Maki and Nico by the way make up a mini unit called BiBi. There are 3 mini units in total: Printemps, lily white and BiBi.

Apparently the upcoming Love Live! Vita game, which would be divided into three games, would make use of this mini unit grouping.

For sure (if I’m not crazy enough to collect all 3 games, though that’s not an impossibility) I’ll get the BiBi version lol (and maybe the second one would be lily white version for Nozomi…) X)

But yeah, I’m not as excited to get the grand prizes of the current event… ^^;

The new song is nice though and I definitely will try to perfect it while it’s still available X)


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