Current event calculation + Rare Pure Nico card

Let’s see…

The event runs from 20th to 31st Oct (11 days):


The SR Eri card requires 12,000 event points:


You can collect 16 event items (also doubles as 16 event points) in a Hard song that takes 15 stamina points.

The Hard event song requires 45 event items to play.

Beating the Hard event song gives about 190 event points.

It takes 4 and a half hours to recover 45 stamina points to be able to play 15 stamina points Hard song 3 times and get 48 (16 x 3) event items (and points) as a result and be able to play 1 Hard event song which gives about 190 event points.

That’s 238 event points per 4 and a half hours. If I do this 3 times a day, 238 x 3 = 714 event points.

To reach 12,000 event by 11th day, will require about 1,090 event points per day.

Seems pretty tight… ^^;

In previous event, because I was quite low-leveled, I could take advantage of level-up (which fully recovers stamina) to speed things up. Not so much now, I think…

I already collected 1,021 event points on the first day coz I leveled up once (and even this is slightly short of the average points to get per day). Might not have the same advantage over the next few days… ^^;

Oh well…

I kinda prefer the awakened form, but like previous events, I don’t think getting 2 SR cards is possible for me (you’d never know how many rabid LoveLive! fans are playing this game, possibly with real cash, lol) ^^;

And I just got another copy of Rare Pure (green) Nico card, so I can awaken her.

From this:


To this:


Her Pure stats is (relative to other Pure Rare cards) not very high though… ^^;

I’m missing both awakened Rare Cool (blue) Maki and Nico cards… ^^;

Edit: And I just got 5 free Loveca stones for Eri’s birthday anniversary… X)

I have another 50 Loveca stones now, not sure if I should spend it now… I guess I’ll wait for better promotion ^^;


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