Beat Super Dangan Ronpa 2


Just beat Super Dangan Ronpa 2 ^^;

Beat chapter 3 and 4 separately, and then marathon-ed all the way from chapter 5.

I seem to be missing some events… -.-;

And I fail to spot just one of the hidden figurines… -_-” It’s probably in chapter 3.

I wonder what do you get if you collect all of them?

There seem to be 3 extra modes; 2 mini games and 1 novel.

Pretty confused now on what to do… start the first Dangan Ronpa? Try the extra modes? Play something else? ^^;

I guess I would play the game again from the beginning to max everyone’s relationship level (probably need more than one playthrough), find the hidden events and that one missing figurine, and get better scores on trials (I’m pretty sure some gameplay segments would prove to be challenging)…

How is the game? It pretty much exceeds my expectations. The murders, especially the later ones, are so crazy. And the plot twists… O.O

Can’t wait to play the next Dangan Ronpa work… which is apparently a 3D spin-off that is more action-oriented and also for Vita X)



2 thoughts on “Beat Super Dangan Ronpa 2

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