Christmas Cards poll current results

Back then they opened a poll on which girls should be used as Christmas cards:


The no. 1 girl would be used as an UR (Ultra Rare, the highest rarity) card and given away for free as login bonus. The no. 2 and 3 girls would be used as SR (Super Rare) cards which need to be acquired as prize events.

I voted for Maki, of course ^^

Well, they reveal the current results:

1 – Kotori
2 – Nico
3 – Maki

I think this poll pretty much reflects Love Live!’s most favorite girls. I mean, it’s hard to imagine a case where a Love Live fan votes for someone other than his/her most favorite girl in this poll.

So I’m really surprised about Kotori – since as I much as I don’t particularly dislike her, I thought that she is just this girl with a weird hairstyle.


Nico and Maki seem pretty obvious though. My guess of the results was 1. Nico 2. Maki and 3. either Nozomi or Eri. Kotori being no. 1 is really out of my radar. I guess there’s something about her, like in the anime, that I miss ^^;

I guess more people prefer Nico to Maki. Personally I’m also torn between the two but in the end I prefer someone who is more graceful and more elegant, whom in this case is Maki. It’s a bit like choosing between Miku and Luka, I guess.

Btw, I found this nice fan art:


I want iPad mini too lol. And yep, with iPad I guess you would play this game that way.

The final results would be on 31st Oct. Things might turn around X)


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