Got all Gacha items from using the medals:


(But not all items, some items come from maxing other characters’ Hope fragments)

You know since the percentage of getting a duplicate item (top left) is 100% (i.e., you’ll always get a duplicate since you got everything). The last few items are a pain to get but I just keep trying lol ^^;

Tried a little of Island Mode, an extra mode unlocked after beating the main game:


This seems to be a good place to get everyone’s Hope fragments (it’s connected to the main game) since no one dies in this mode. It’s basically has thin gameplay on top which is resource management as an excuse for this Free Time mode.

Replayed chapter 1. Got better results on trial:


So if you select Hard modes you’ll most likely get more bonus points on the lower left screen.

I think I understood the Panic Talk Action gameplay segment more now. Previously, I just tapped according to the beats and I get all these weird ‘misses’. Apparently you’re supposed to hold and release on the beat timings after you’ve locked on to some texts.

And apparently the hidden events require that you carry certain items and talk to certain characters at certain points in the game. Should be no problem now since I have all the Gacha items.

So far they seem to be just happy events that don’t really spoil anything, so… ^^;



I guess I’ll continue to chapter 2 or collect everyone’s Hope fragments. You get a new Skill each time you complete someone’s Hope fragments and I found some of the Skills pretty useful.


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