Nico x Maki

The good thing about this game is that when you reach certain levels, more stories (short conversations) will unlock, and they are in visual novel format complete with voices! Talk about actual rewards for leveling up X) (remember the voice actresses need to be paid for this)

So I reached rank (level) 53 and got treated to new stories. This time the theme seems to be conversation between two girls only. The first one is between Hanayo and Rin. The next one is between Nico and Maki. It would probably take some time for me to see the third one as I need to level up further, but I bet it’s between Nozomi and Eli (these three seem to be the most suggested couplings).

Anyway, for me the special one is Nico and Maki ^^

Basically they were doing homework in a cafe. Nico suggested they should stop and play, but Maki refused. Anyway Maki was reading a book since she already finished her homework. Nico complained about how talented Maki is, but Maki talked back, saying there’s something even she is not good at. Nico pestered her what that is and Maki finally owned up that she can’t act cute and idol-like like Nico. Nico then told her that she (Nico) knew many cute points about Maki that she (Maki) herself might not be aware of. Nico made Maki do the ‘Nicconicconi~!’ (Nico’s trademark) (Nico even suggested ‘Makkimakkima~!’ which Maki flatly refused.)


I guess this is another point that makes Love Live! different from Idolm@ster. Because there isn’t a male producer (unlike Idolm@ster), you get all these… err undertones.


Another nice fanart I found:


Maki is ‘a bit jealous’ in the last panel lol.

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