SR Ayase Eli Card Get!

Gotten the SR Ayase Eli Card from current event.


And yep, apparently her official romanized name is Eli. I usually wrote it as Eri ^^;

This is similar to Nico instead of Niko, I guess.

The event still has 2 more days to go.

I would miss Cutie Panther T.T … I really like the gameplay of this song.

I would play as much as I can for the remaining 2 days, but I’m not getting my hopes up to rise to top 6,000 to get a second SR Ayase Eli card.

As usual though, I don’t think I can get one more card needed to awaken the card. The developers seem to be relying on this to make players spend and purchase Loveca Stones.

I checked the latest price changes. They apparently care enough to set the most expensive package (cheapest per Loveca stone) to 5,000 yen, so you can just use one 5,000 yen iTunes gift card. You get 86 stones so each stone is about 58 yen.

Previously you can get 84 stones for 4,800 yen, which is about 57 yen each, so the raise is not that significant.


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