Last two events unlocked

So I managed to unlock my last 2 missing hidden events.

The first one is Hajime and Kazuichi peeping in Akane’s house. They thought Nekomaru and Akane were having sex. Nekomaru was actually massaging her:


(Nekomaru is a manager and Akane is an athlete)

The second one is Summer Festival event:


So I unlocked all events, but there doesn’t seem to be any ultimate reward, not even trophy.

I still have one more thing to do in the main game though, which is to find the hidden figurines. There should be one in chapter 3 and two in the last chapter (I was rushing in the last chapter, lol).

I’m also missing 2 skills, despite buying all the skills and getting everyone’s Hope Shards… wonder where the last two are… -_-

And I’m missing one movie… this situation reminds me when I was cleaning-up the first Dangan Ronpa, but I also forgot what it’s about, lol ^^;


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