Japanese troll web manga

I thought I should mention my recent good find lol ^^

While looking for some Love Live! fan arts, I stumbled upon this Pixiv account:

スクリーンショット 2013-11-02 5.03.19


The artist name is Shiitake Nabetsukami.

It’s just my guess, but his pen name might be a dirty joke, lol. Basically shiitake is mushroom, while nabetsukami is potholder… You know, those pieces of textile used to handle hot cooking equipments. Well, there is a type of potholder that is long and cylindrical that basically is meant to be worn over the pot’s long handle. That and the mushroom… ^^;

Anyway, he generally turned supposedly moe characters from anime such as Love Live!, Oreimo, Madoka, Chuunibyou, K-On! etc into troll characters (while staying cute somewhat).

He drew great expressions lol. Some of the comics are extremely funny especially if you can read Japanese XD

He is currently active as I saw him uploading new works when I occasionally checked in recently. He seems to focus on Love Live! now. Before, he was scattered across different moe titles.


Do check it out if you have time. Might make your day ^^


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