Nishikino Maki school idol diary

I ordered this from Kinokuniya and got it yesterday:


Love Live! school idol diary is a short novel series where each volume focuses on one particular girl from Love Live!. I think it’s supposed to be ‘their diaries’ (so whatever’s written would be from their POV).

Nishikino Maki is actually volume 4.

Here is the list of the volumes:

1 – Kousaka Honoka
2 – Sonoda Umi
3 – Minami Kotori
4 – Nishikino Maki
5 – Koizumi Hanayo
6 – Hoshizora Rin
7 – Yazawa Nico
8 – Toujou Nozomi
9 – Ayase Eli

They release one volume every month and the released volumes are up to Koizumi Hanayo. Hoshizora Rin is supposed to be released on 30 Oct. However it got delayed to 30 Nov (with the later volumes pushed back one month as well).

In my local Kinokuniya store, they sell volumes 1 to 3 but (as far as I’m aware) skip to volume 5. That’s why I have to order this ^^;

Am I crazy enough to buy all of them? Probably just this one and in the future, Yazawa Nico and Toujou Nozomi.

Anyway, I really like the minimal design of the cover; just the girl, necessary text and white background.

The back cover has a cute chibi illustration of Maki:


And more on the… I don’t know what’s this part of the book is called, lol:


The book is not thick:


But the pages inside are colored (the pages that I have reached to, anyway).

I have decided not to flip through this book (which is akin to skipping videos) so as not to get spoiled, and enjoy the book as it’s meant to be.

Going to read it very slowly, learning the Japanese along the way X)


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