Neptune Re;Birth 1

Bought Neptune Re;Birth 1 for Vita from AmiAmi and the game arrived on Monday (I probably would have gotten it on weekend hadn’t it been a holiday):


It’s a remake of the first PS3 game, but with gameplay from the latest PS3 game.

I still buy it anyway even though I have not completed any of the previous games of the series ^^;

I hope its portability helps because I’m practically in love with portable gaming now; putting Vita to sleep when I need to leave the game and then waking it up to instantly jump right back in is a nice experience compared to say, having to turn on TV, turn on PS3, start up the game, reach main menu and load save data.

I have actually progressed further than the original PS3 game, which might be a good sign ^^;

This is probably my most orthodox Vita RPG game in my collection, which is something I have been wanting for a while. My other RPG games are Persona 4 and Conception II, and they are… unique ^^;

But the game still has lots of subsystems… world shares, Lily system, EXE Drive, Disc Make, Remake system… I guess one can’t simply ask for a simple game in this day and age ^^;

But some of the new systems, like the Remake system, is pretty neat.

I finally figured out why I would want to use Rush attack, one of the three types of attacks (I didn’t get it when this was introduced in the second game onward). It’s apparently to speed up EXE Drive gauge increase.

But once the gauge is full, it seems to become useless again that I can just take them off from the combo set-up, free up some CP and allocate it to better Power and Break attacks. But doing so all the time would be troublesome… -.-;

Update: Ah, so the EXE Drive can be spent on powerful attacks. I got it now.

I feel the game’s tougher than average RPG, though (or at least, more grinding is required). In chapter 2, there are 2 back-to-back boss battles and I lost terribly on the second battle (I even thought it’s a battle I must lose). I had to level up the characters until it’s no longer efficient to do so with the current dungeons, buy the most powerful weapons and armors, stock up on items, even use the remake system to make enemies weaker. Even then it still takes some time and careful steps to beat the second boss.

But beating the boss and progressing further is worth it for all the funny conversations and occasional fan-service X)


Like the previous games I play, I have decided not to consult any wiki or look at the trophy list ^^

I gotta say, the game doesn’t feel crippled at all just because it’s on handheld (unlike say, Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate or to some extent Metal Gear Solid HD Collection).


6 thoughts on “Neptune Re;Birth 1

  1. OshareKeiji

    If there’s one complaint I can actually find here, it’s that the frames get choppy during the dungeon crawl parts. But that’s forgivable since it doesn’t happen all that much.

    I’m glad that they removed a lot of the tedious menu-flicking systems from the first game and actually gave the more significant NPCs actual artwork for once. In the first game, all NPCs were just silhouettes.

    1. Helu Post author

      Yeah, at first I noticed the frame rate, but then I thought, ‘Isn’t V also like this?’. It’s been a while since I jumped into that game, though.

      I see, so that’s what they mean in the official site’s 50 points about Re;Birth 1 ^^

      On chapter 3 now. Having fun unlocking stuffs in Remake system (until there’s an item not dropped by monsters that I have 1 or 2 but have no idea how to get more, lol ^^;)

      1. OshareKeiji

        You probably haven’t done a System Update on V. The choppiness was fixed, but there’s still a small freeze issue that wasn’t resolved.

        Items that enemies don’t drop are usually Quest Prizes or random junk from the ? spots on the field.

        I would’ve gone through ReBirth quicker (since I don’t need to read through the story anymore) but I put it down for now since I finally got my paws on Ryu Ga Gotoku 5.

      2. Helu Post author

        Ah, I see, so there’s an update ^^

        Yep, it’s just that unlike monster drops they are not listed for example in the dungeon info. So I have to search through several dungeons. It’s okay, I guess, gives me a reason to go back to earlier dungeons ^^

        I think they changed some of the story details, so I would recommend not to rush and just enjoy the game slowly ^^; Yep, I saw you playing Ryu Ga Gotoku 5 ;)

  2. OshareKeiji

    Thanks. so far it’s the same as the original (with latter maker character cameos), but the newer story stuff will probably be in the latter parts. I’ll venture a guess that the ending will be slightly different so it can be connected with Mk2.

    The fun part about Ryu Ga Gotoku 5 is playing as Haruka (Kiryu’s adopted daughter). As an Idol-in-training, she doesn’t get into brawls, but instead gets into Street Dance Battles and Idol Performance Duels. since It’s a Sega game, there are obvious nods to the Project Diva series, plus upon unlocking Premium Adventure, Haruka will get a Miku Hatsune costume.

    1. Helu Post author

      I see… It seems they updated the conversations and according to the official site even made the voice actresses voice everything again. Also they made some adjustment about when Noire, Vert and Blanc join the party (point 15 of this page: (of course, it’s something only you who have played the original version can appreciate, lol).

      Yep, Ryu Ga Gotoku… another series I’ve been wanting to go into for a while (played the demos) but for some reason never took the plunge yet ^^;


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