Second Score Match Event

Today is Kotori day, lol.

Score Match event is a new type of event in Love Live! iOS/Android game where you play together with 3 other players to compete for the highest score. Depending on your ranking at the end, you get bonus multiplier for the event points earned.

I played the first Score Match event which featured Maki as the grand prize Super Rare card.

This time it’s Kotori:


I was lucky to see the event as soon as it was up. Basically, when the game says it’s going to do maintenance on the next day between 15.00pm to 16.00pm (i.e., you can’t play during this period), it means that they’re going to start a new event the next day and it would begin right after the maintenance period.

I didn’t keep this in mind but when I started up the game yesterday for some reason it was just about 5-10 minutes after the maintenance period. So I met many players still having 0 event points like me (though there are also crazy ones that have started to rack up substantial points ^^;).

Not only that, when I did Gacha today, I got all the duplicate Rare Kotori cards that I needed. They probably increased the chance of getting her cards to correspond with the event.

So I have all her Rare cards now:







I also reached level 56 and got to see 2 additional story scenes. I expected the first story to be conversation between Nozomi and Eli (judging from previous two-persons-only conversations), but it turned out to be between Kotori, Honoka and Umi:


The second story is indeed between Nozomi and Eli though, as expected:


The 4 conversations (all of chapter 9) pretty much confirm the official groupings: Hanayo & Rin, Maki & Nico, Honoka & Kotori & Umi and Nozomi & Eli.

Wonder what chapter 10 is about… I need to reach level 58 now ^^

I also unlocked a new song. This song is called Love Novels and performed by BiBi mini unit (consisting of Maki, Eli and Nico):


The song is catchy but not really my type. Since I’m buying the BiBi version of the upcoming Love Live! Vita game, guess I got to live with it ^^;

What’s cool is I actually managed to get full combo on the Hard difficulty even though it’s my first time playing and listening to the song!


You can see I only cleared it one time, but I got S for both Score and Combo.

And it was an ecstatic experience… the song is pretty tricky that it makes your fingers zig-zag while pressing the notes. Normally I would probably need a dozen of tries.


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