Onechambara Z Kagura With NoNoNo!

So I received my copy of Onechambara Z Kagura with NoNoNo! for PS3


It took me just a few hours to beat the Story mode on normal (Medium) difficulty ^^;

The story is nothing much… if any it’s just a filler. It’s like most of the work done in cutscenes (aside from the opening and ending scenes that are obligatorily given more efforts) is to make Kagura do sexy poses before boss battles, lol.

I unlocked Hard difficulty, which is not available from the start. I haven’t unlocked NoNoNo! though, and I’m not even sure if Aya and Saki are playable. I probably need to do Mission mode.

Gotta say I’m a bit disappointed with the game’s performance. Jaggy shadows, and pretty common screen tearing and frame drops.

I guess the developers chose not to put a lot of efforts to optimize the game for PS3.

The gameplay feels odd at times. Sometimes it feels polished, sometimes it doesn’t. For example, for some reason the character tends to face away from the boss after QTE, even if they are facing each other in the cutscene. Also, after finishing the boss, the boss always stands back up, only to fall and die soon after.

I also prefer to press L1 to re-center camera in action games but this game doesn’t allow such control customization.

In this game the combo also carries on (i.e., it doesn’t reset) even after performing quick-step, which is something I need to get used to.

This game also has lots of switching… switching between characters, weapons, skills, etc… I get confused at times, lol.

Guess I’ll do Mission next…

Update: Gotta say, I quite enjoy the game so far, but there’s always this slight feel of annoyance when playing it, lol. The jarring shadows during cutscenes ruin otherwise pretty 3D models. The occasional screen-tearing and frame dips ruin otherwise smooth hack-and-slash experience. And although there are some nice touches to the game design (such as you might want to prioritize chopping off all the cop zombies’ arms so that they don’t fire at you), there are also odd game design choices.

I guess it would take another while for the developers to finally think that fans of this series (well, I’m not really one yet) deserve something better ^^;


4 thoughts on “Onechambara Z Kagura With NoNoNo!

    1. Helu Post author

      Lol, somehow I doubt it… I mean, they supposedly had a lot of times between Xbox 360 and PS3 version release ^^;

      1. OshareKeiji

        Well, at least you’ve seen how the game is… pretty much a souped-up version of the past Simple Series incarnations sans the needlessly time-consuming gimmicks. In fact, developing the characters in this game is infinitely faster, the only real fillers are the conditional quests where you get a costume part for getting one to at least the second level.

        The main appeal is simply to cut hordes of zombies to shreds without worrying about survivors and case schedules like in say, the Dead Rising series.

        If Aya and Saki aren’t playable from the start, then it means they’ll probably still be DLC… If that’s the case, then shame on D3 and Tamsoft… all that BD space not being put to good use.

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