SR Kotori Card Get!

Just got the SR card prize from the current event:


Pretty fast considering the event still has 3 more days to go X)

Am I going to get more of these cards so that I can awaken it? I doubt so, lol. The remaining way is to place high in player rankings, but it’s quite unlikely I can surpass those who play more by spending money. Also, apparently Kotori is the most popular girl of Love Live! (according to the Christmas poll).

The thing is, awakening the cards doesn’t actually matter as much in this game. More important is just getting the SR cards themselves, as they have strong base stats and better skills.

All awakening does is 1) change the card’s picture and 2) increase the level and relationship caps. It doesn’t increase the stats directly nor give additional skill.

And maxing relationship is just there to give bonus conversation and 1 stone. Bonus conversations, although nice (especially the cards that feature the original members are fully-voiced) are nice but not necessary. 5 stones are needed for 1 Rare Gacha, so it’s nothing much, either.

Also, you might not want to blindly level up Rare cards and above, as Rare cards and above have skills and there is such thing as skill level (max is 8). You can only level up a card’s skill level if you combine it with card that has the same skill. If you maxed the card’s level, you won’t be able to raise its skill level forever. And for SR cards, each card’s skill is unique (so far), so the only way to increase its skill level is to get the same card.

So yeah, awakening SR cards is not that important and I’m pretty satisfied just getting SR cards from the events. If you have 4 or 5 SR cards of the same color, they would be quite enough to get high scores for the same colored songs, even if they are unleveled.

My red team is quite powerful and rarely gets into the last place of Score Match because my SR cards are mostly red. This current event’s SR card is blue, which is a welcome addition. My weakest team is still the green team, though. It’s also got to do with many of the green cards’ skills are healing and not score-boosting.

Also, for each event they also introduce 1 new Normal card.

This is the current event’s new Normal card:


Something peculiar about this current event’s Normal card is that it’s not a new character. Because her hobby is ‘playing with her little sister’, I thought they were being novel that she is the big sister of one of the older cards’ characters.

But it turns out she is the same character from one of the earliest cards:


So I guess they’re going with ‘new cards of old characters in different colors’ now. Well, they’ve come up with so many variations of the girls (from Indian expat, china dress girl, flower girl, forest girl and even military otaku girl) that I guess it’s about time they take this route ^^;

I’d love to see my favorite Normal characters getting more cards X)

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