Second Score Match Report

The second Score Match event has ended:


I was trying to get more prizes but the maintenance period, which marks the end of the event, is right on the dot… ^^;


I just meant to close the game… but I deleted it. I guess I was super sleepy -_-”

Since the maintenance period takes an hour, even after I re-downloaded the game I had to wait until it finished. I became worried whether I would lose all my data and would have to start over all over again >.<

Thankfully, when I entered the game again, all my data is intact. It's good news but I really have no idea what saved me… supposedly when you delete an app from iOS all the app data is removed as well. It's either Apple knew about this kind of situation and handles it by keeping the app data temporarily, or the developer can somehow associate my account with my device, and do the right thing (I don't even need to do anything to recover data, etc).


Anyway, back to score event… ^^;

I'm… 19762nd:


Enough to get these prizes:


The ticket is basically 5 Loveca stones, able to do 1 premium Gacha.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything exciting from the ticket. Just a normal Rare card I already owned -_-;

I can now awaken the new Normal card.

From this:


To this:


Pretty dramatic change, I like it. Normally it’s just the same body but with different clothes and expressions. I can’t wait to see the next new Normal cards X)

Here are some topics I thought of while playing this event.

I was wrong about leveling up Rare cards!

So I thought I shouldn’t level up Rare cards since when their level is maxed, I would no longer be able to combine them with other cards, in order to increase their other attribute skill level.

Apparently you can. I basically sacrificed 1 Rare card and max its level to test it and found that it’s still not grayed out; I can still combine it with other cards even when its level is maxed.

I guess why I made this erroneous assumption is because Normal cards are indeed grayed out when their level is maxed. But that’s because they have no skill, so there is really nothing to gain from continuing to combine them.

Had I known about this, some of my Rare cards would have become stronger. About a week or two ago I managed to level up all my Normal cards, and because I thought I shouldn’t level up my Rare cards and above, I just sold all the new Normal cards that I get.

So yeah, it’s actually safe to level up all the cards.

Fake players?

In Score Match, judging from how the matchmaking of 4 players always goes smoothly no matter what time of the day it is, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the players are AI, not actual human players.

Sure, some of them act like human by using one of the preset messages to communicate such as よろしくね! or がんばろう! And some of them even change their messages when you post a message, as if giving a reply.

But those behaviors can be programmed, I think.

In fact, the ones that don’t post messages at all might be the human ones ^^;

The thing is, these fake AI players also win/lose score matches, they also gain points and they are also in the rankings!

The question then is how far do the developers take this.

For example, it’s not hard to imagine that they can artificially inflate the AI players’ rankings, particularly near the end of the event, so that human players, anxious that their ranks are being overtaken, decide to spend Loveca stones and money in order to boost their rankings.

Or make it seem as if this game is popular; that many players play it, while in truth only a handful play it. I’m pretty sure most (at least Japanese) Love Live fans play this game, though.

In any case, this is why, for this game, except for certain cases like maybe nice Nico, Maki and Nozomi cards, I try not to be excited about scores and rankings. I would just enjoy the rhythm gameplay which is pretty not bad.

Games are fun but gotta try protect myself from developers’ psychological manipulations sometimes… ^^;


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