Pure Rare Cards’ Pure Stats Ranking

I’ve actually gotten all the Pure (green) Rare cards:


I thought it would be interesting to check out their Pure stats to see how the developers rank the girls in term of ‘Pure’ quality.

So after checking, here are the results:

1. Hanayo 3160
2. Nozomi 3100
3. Kotori 3040
4. Rin 2690
5. Umi 2640
6. Honoka 2500
7. Eli 2480
8. Nico 2440
9. Maki 2340

I thought Kotori would be first, but that spot turns out to be for Hanayo:


Which is not too surprising…


What’s surprising is that Nozomi is 2nd place!


She actually overtakes Kotori, who is 3rd place:


What kind of Pure are we talking about here? ^^;


If you notice, after Kotori, the stat difference between the 3rd and 4th spot is largest at 350. So the top 3 is pretty much a league above the rest.

The bottom 2 are Nico and Maki:



With Maki being in the last place.

I thought Nico would rank lower than Maki… ^^;


I guess it’s because Maki is the smartest among them, being the top student and all. So smart ≠ pure?

While I did expect her to be bottom-tier (because she should excel more in Cool stats), my prediction of the bottom 3 were: Nico, Nozomi and Maki. Nozomi being the second place is really out of place for me…

So my favorite girl is the least ‘Pure’, huh… ^^;

The sad thing about Nico and Maki is, even though Nico might rank high in Smile and Maki in Cool, I’m pretty sure they would be eclipsed by Honoka (being the ‘main girl’) in Smile and Eli in Cool, respectively. So I’m pretty sure they won’t rank 1st in any ranking (but to be 2nd is quite likely).

Well, I gotta wait until I collect the rest of the Rare cards… ^^;


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