More Onechambara

Beat all missions in Medium difficulty. It’s not difficult because of the Vamp Skills ^^;

Bought everything except Saaya’s last weapon.

Maxed everyone’s health except NoNoNo.

Playing Kagura & Saaya story mode on hard and NoNoNo story mode on medium now.

I noticed that this is my first (and so far only) Cero Z game:


The cover is reversible; this one is identical to Xbox 360 version and without NoNoNo in it.


4 thoughts on “More Onechambara

  1. OshareKeiji

    Most of the other Z Rated games that pass on the PS3 are mainly the JP releases of foreign titles like Call Of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, etc.

    Sony often pressures Japan-based companies to tone down the gore content to at least meet a D rating. One prime example is the Deadrising series: 2 and OTR are Z rated on the 360, but D on the PS3.

    This technically makes Onechambara Z Kagura one of the scant few titles (or perhaps the only one) in Japan with the content and rating intact on both platforms.

      1. Helu Post author

        Seems to be the next game to get after I’m done with Onechambara Z Kagura (if I’m ever done at all, lol). These two games seem similar in various ways, lol ^^

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