All Shitagi Complete

Finally… -.-”


Also tried Hard mode and played up to chapter 4. I don’t feel any difference other than slightly longer-to-kill enemies… I guess it’s because I’m using maxed Yagyuu ^^;


Also maxed a few characters’ level.







No point really but stress reliever, I guess…

And the reason they’re all in underwear is… I’ve been neglecting their Yin stats. Honest ^^;


3 thoughts on “All Shitagi Complete

    1. Helu Post author

      Lol, you got me there… for some reason I have never been a big fan of customization ^^; (you can notice I hardly change Miku’s costume, for example) I guess to rationalize it is that I play to ‘support’ the characters, and I don’t like them ‘messed around’.

      I guess it would be different if they were ‘create-your-own-character’ games like Monster Hunter or God Eater.

      But yeah, I guess I should try to have some fun :p


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