Love Live Update

The current event is about to end in 3 days.

My current event points are about 9,000, and the event points to get SR Honoka card are 11,000. I should be able to make it.

By the way, there are indeed sisters among the characters.



So yeah, I found Kanata’s younger sister.

Not sure if there are more ^^;

Before you play any Live, you can choose a Guest (which I think just helps to improve scores). Some are from friend list, some are random. You can look at the cards that they use and gotta say, I’m pretty jealous at some of them ^^;:



I have also maxed all my SR cards’ level.

In this game, you can automatically build decks of cards that are strongest for each type Smile, Pure and Cool. Using this method, it’s kinda pointless to level up cards that, even when they are maxed, won’t make it inside the decks.

There are perhaps 2 or 3 Rare cards that, when maxed, will get into the list, but even then they might have worse skills than my current Super Rare cards inside. So yeah, until I get the SR prize card, I pretty much run out of useful cards to level up.

So I’m thinking to buy the official guidebook which is not that expensive at 1,000 yen. You might be thinking ‘What?! A guidebook for a smartphone game that keeps getting updated??’ and I think so too. But it includes a code for an Ultra Rare card.

So you can think of it as 1,000 yen for a sure UR card (you can spend 1,000 yen in the game and not get a UR card ^^;) plus a physical gift (the book) lol.

Reportedly the UR card is not that powerful until you level it up and the skill is the same as a Rare card skill, but oh well (the upside to that is I can use up Rare cards to increase her skill level. The downside is it’s a healing skill, which is not as useful as score-boosting skills).


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