SR Honoka Card Get!

Finally got the current event’s SR card prize:


Pretty high Pure stats and pretty powerful skill ^^

Should be able to score S on some of the Hard Pure songs now.

Had the chance to peek more of other people’s cards that I’m jealous at ^^;




Also found another sisters among the cards:



Gothic sisters huh…

Also, Love Live! recently has a new single (27th Nov 2013).

The main girl was Maki:

Unfortunately, not really my kind of music…

One day they might put this single into the game as event song. It might grow on me then ^^;

There should be one more event beside the Christmas event that supposedly gives out UR Kotori, SR Maki and SR Nico cards. Or not… in any case, the Christmas event will be the event I’m giving my all to win all prizes X) (you can see I’ve been stocking up on Loveca stones…)


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