God Eater 2 Character Creation

Just bought God Eater 2.

And I’m already stuck… at the character creation screen :p

Gotta say, it’s the best character creation I’ve encountered so far in terms of producing anime-style characters.

I tried creating Maki but unfortunately… The hair color, eye color, face and voice are kinda there, but there isn’t a hairstyle that really suits her.

Well, her hairstyle is indeed pretty distinct… I’m actually stumped to think of another anime character that has the same hairstyle as hers ^^;

This is the best I can currently come up with:


I chose that hairstyle because there is this one illustration of her:


Still not ideal though… you wouldn’t know it’s supposed to be Maki unless I say so ^^;

Can also create Nico:


But Nico is supposed to be short lol





(I should’ve used some of the hairpin accessories ^^;)

But yeah, rather than parody characters maybe I should try making an original character ^^;

The 20 voice sets are pretty good and cover a wide range of personalities but there isn’t one that is really close to what I want (emotionless type).

Voice set no.13 though is notably Kyoto-ben ^^

Well, I guess I’m just gonna mess around a bit… I’m not even sure if I’m going to start playing the game ^^;


2 thoughts on “God Eater 2 Character Creation

    1. Helu Post author

      Hard copy from AmiAmi. I was lucky they still have stock even though it’s almost 2 weeks after release date and not only that, I still get the preorder code! XD


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