Unlocked Daidouji Senpai


This is not about Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus on Vita but the first game on 3DS ^^;

Finally I picked up the game again after not touching it for a long time.

For some reason, I had the urge to go back to the first game (even if I also have the second game, which contains updated version of the entire first game) ^^;

I gotta say, I was stunned by the visual downgrade when I went back to the 3DS version. Not resolution and rendering but how the characters look. The Vita version has made the old characters far more expressive. They even have subtle features that didn’t exist back in the first game. I think they really outdid themselves with the characters in Shinovi Versus.

I prefer the 2D art in the first game though. From second game onward they kinda play around with the body proportions… make the head smaller, thighs bigger etc. I guess it’s so they don’t look obviously like kids.

Anyway, back then I stopped on the mission where all the girls have to beat Daidouji senpai.

It takes longer to level up in this game. I didn’t like Hibari back then and she was my weakest member. This time I just leveled her up enough, changed her style to Sen (supposedly increase defense among other things) and took on the mission.

There seems to be one last mission though, which is defeating all 5 Snake girls in one mission… I wonder if I need to level up further? ^^;

Edit: beat the last mission using Asuka. Apparently it’s not 5 vs 5 as I thought but 1 vs 5 (so it’s survival). I was lucky Asuka leveled up during third match (full recovery) ^^;

100%! (well, not really but that’s what the save data says… ^^;)

Edit#2: I’m obviously living under the rocks but I just found out that they recently released Senran Kagura Burst for US (seems to be download-only, though)


7 thoughts on “Unlocked Daidouji Senpai

  1. OshareKeiji

    if you think you live under a rock, try me: I didn’t hear about the SKB English release until I read your post.

    Our gamie-related data gathering differs from the pedestrian non-native Japanese audience after all. We hear about the initial JP release of certain game: If it strikes our fancy, we jump right on it while the rest will be on the fence between importing or waiting for a localized version.

    1. Helu Post author

      I was surprised that SKB GameFAQs’ board is still active and how everyone agrees on terms like ‘frantic’ and ‘flash’. I thought, ‘could it be?’, so I checked the release data and sure enough… :p

      Yep, with the exception of Metal Gear series it’s been ages since I cared about localized version ^^;

    1. Helu Post author

      Well… I don’t think real senpais actually speak like her but it’s okay, I guess… Which character is she famous for? ^^;

      1. Helu Post author

        Ah, I see. Gotta say, you seem to know lots of voice actresses… Is it a hobby to know which voice actresses voice which characters? ^^

  2. Mazryonh

    I’m not a seiyuu freak; I just like to know who’s voicing what so I can tell how they’ve progressed or to compare an earlier performance with a later one (Houko Kuwashima’s performance as Panis Angelicus to me doesn’t match up to her previous characters in the Shining Series). A lot of seiyuus sadly don’t make it very far in mainstream anime, such as Imai Asami.

    I should also have told you that Yuu Asakawa provided the voice samples for Megurine Luka in the Vocaloid franchise as well.


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