LoveLive’s returning characters

Here are original characters from the mobile game that have gotten new cards so far.

One day they might become as popular as Cinderella Girls! X)

This is how I ordered the images below, per character:
– old card
– new card
– awakened new card

I didn’t include the awakened old card because it’s not that different from the un-awakened version, unlike the new cards.

Shizuku Osaka:




Minami Nagayama:




Kanata Konoe:




Kasane Hasekura:




I wonder who will get the new card treatment next X)

And oh, someone’s already gotten Maki’s December SR card:


Jealousy to the max! X(

As you can see, I’ve already gotten 101 Loveca stones, which means I can do 2 ’10+1 premium Gacha with minimum 1 SR card guaranteed’. Should I use them… hmm -.-;

Btw, Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls is actually the first mobile game I’ve ever played (the regenerating stamina and cards type). But I stopped playing because I don’t have Japanese phone number and it’s needed to verify and get full access to the game. Partial access makes you very crippled because you can’t receive gifts including cards. Reportedly, I could’ve gotten full access if I registered sooner; I joined right after they implemented this verification system -.-;

I can’t play Idolm@ster Million Live either due to region restriction. Stupid GREE -_-

I’m also waiting for Kantai Collection to be ported to Vita X)


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