All missions highest ranking + frantic mode

With Katsuragi, beat all missions with highest ranking and in frantic mode.

Fortunately you don’t have to do it with every characters to get the corresponding titles.

It turns out I have done almost all the requirements before I stopped back then, so I just need to complete the the last few remaining ones.

The hardest part I think is to beat the last mission in frantic mode, which is to defeat 5 Snake girls in sequence.

Luckily, I guess I picked the right character; Katsuragi’s triangle attack knocks the opponent down, so I can just keep doing it as soon as the opponent wakes up and they can’t do much. I can even juggle them a bit after they get knocked away to speed things up.

I guess it would be much harder to beat this mission in frantic mode with other characters, seeing how their triangle attacks work in different ways… ^^;

On the other hand, the mission to beat Daidouji senpai isn’t hard to beat in frantic mode; just pick only 1 or 2 girls among the 5 girls to go into frantic mode and ration the 3 full recovery items accordingly lol.

Unlocked Nuigurumi costume (different for each character):


I’m basically left to complete all missions with every characters regardless of ranking and frantic mode (which is gonna take some time…) -.-;

I’m also left with one more image to unlock in gallery mode, probably by completing above task…


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