Multiple Updates

Love Live! iOS

Someone’s gotten awakened Maki December SR card. Jealous! X(


I’m seriously considering to spend 50 Loveca stones for 10+1 premium Gacha but I’m worried the remaining stones might not be enough to earn high ranking in upcoming Christmas event (to get all the prizes).

I have until 5th December to decide… (they increase the likelihood to get this card until then).

Back then iirc they have a special Gacha where you’re guaranteed to get only cards of specific girl. If they have it again exclusively for Maki that would be nice ^^

Actually, that’s one Christmas-themed Maki SR card but according to what they said, for Christmas event they’ll have UR Kotori card, SR Maki card and SR Nico card. So two Christmas-themed SR Maki cards? ^^; (or did they change their plan?)

Also, they have added a new story. I just need to reach rank 70!

Senran Kagura

– Maxed everyone (even Daidouji senpai)’s level except Hibari.
– Maxed everyone’s yin and yang stats.
– Katsuragi cleared all missions.


When I first played Senran Kagura my favorite character was Katsuragi because of her cool shoes weapon and break dance moves. But for some reason I don’t quite like her as much now, and prefer Hibari instead ^^;

God Eater 2

Played a bit further… Difficulty 2 now.


I probably would give up in difficulty 4 or 5…

(I think that’s also where I am in God Eater Burst) ^^;

Lightning Returns


Tried the game.

Pretty interesting battle system but the style management seems pretty chore…

I’m glad I managed to get all the bonus costumes which are Cloud and the costumes from previous two games.

I actually haven’t beaten FFXIII-2… so I was quickly spoiled ^^;


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