Project mirai 2

My copy of Project mirai 2 finally arrived!


I forgot to order this game early from AmiAmi, and when I tried to order it about 2-3 days before its release date, the regular edition preorder was sold out! (A testament to how popular this game is in Japan?) And I didn’t need/want the extras from the limited edition… -.-;

On the release date, the status changed from sold out to back order and I went ahead to order, and so I just got it today (this is still quicker than I expected, so it’s all good).

But I gotta say, I didn’t regret waiting. My local game shop pretty much bumped the price of this game. AmiAmi including shipping fee is still 20SGD cheaper than my local game shop, which is quite ridiculous… ^^;

I haven’t completed the game (lol) but I have tried the two different gameplay modes (touch mode and button mode) in all difficulties. The gameplay from Project mirai 1 is pretty much gone but some elements survive, like the sound effects and notes that only appear if you don’t screw up a set of notes (but only the last one, not the star notes).

The button mode is pretty much Project Diva on rails. Instead of the notes popping out on the screen, they are on a line and the timing marker moves along the line and the camera follows it. I got a little bit of motion sickness at first because of the camera movements but got over it quick.

(I kinda wonder how the game designers ‘build the levels’ in this game… ^^;)

It has some innovation over Project Diva though namely there are double hold-notes. Not only that, the two holds don’t need to be of the same timing (e.g., one side can end early). And there are also notes that you need to tap while holding some other note (similar to K-On! game)

So the button mode in this game is like one possible evolution path from Project Diva Extend onward that they didn’t choose to go to in Project Diva F (one possible reason is they need to alter the UI to add these features).

I thought I would ignore the other gameplay mode Touch mode, but it turns out to be fun and playable as well. Basically on Easy there is only one touch area, on Normal there are two and on Hard there are three. Besides tapping, there are special notes that require directional swiping.

Since this game include all songs from Project mirai 1 (not only that, there are more new songs than Project mirai 1 songs) and it has 2 different gameplay modes, each with 3 difficulties, this might be the Hatsune Miku game with largest gameplay content to date (but only if you don’t count Dreamy Theater 2nd, which in a sense has all the PD2 and PD1 songs).

In any case, I’m going back to the game! XD


2 thoughts on “Project mirai 2

    1. Helu Post author

      I kinda think you made the right choice. Based on your blog it seems that you get more bang out of your buck for Monster Hunter style games and RPGs anyway ^^;


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