Project mirai 2 Touch Mode

I tried using stylus but in the end I find that it’s more natural to use my thumbs, especially now that I’m on a larger 3DS LL.

I think the resistive touchscreen kinda brings the enjoyment down a little as I need to apply more pressure; with capacitive touchscreen I simply just need to touch the screen. I think the game even acknowledges that by allowing you to hold again during a hold note in case you accidentally released the hold (due to decreasing pressure).

So in the beginning I encountered quite a number of undetected input, swipe recognized as just a tap etc, costing the combo and results.

After some trying I think I found out what’s wrong with the way I played. I’m used to capacitive touchscreen where I would use the thumbprint area of my thumb. This method requires me to exert more pressure to be detected on resistive touchscreen.

Instead, I found it much easier if I were to use my nail (so if I were to hit the screen quite hard I would hear the ‘knock’ sound).

This method is actually not too good for capacitive touchscreen because there’s a chance that the skin doesn’t make a contact and thus the screen doesn’t detect any input. But I find it better for resistive touchscreen because I feel that I don’t have to exert as much pressure. The small knock sound even acts as a feedback.

Now that I use my nails, I find that I almost never make any failed input.


Another problem is with the UI and that is on Normal difficulty, red means right. But on Hard, red now means center with yellow means right. It would have been better imo if on Hard the red still means right with yellow means center, so that the experience from Normal to Hard transfers through. It’s pretty hard to understand why they think the current solution is a better idea… -.-;

I’m also kind of confused when playing the game; should I play the touch mode or the button mode? Both are fun but I didn’t have to make this kind of choice in previous games ^^;


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