100… .01%? + swipe mechanic

It seems there are bugs with the scoring system ^^;


Previously I also got a Safe in one song, but the score said I didn’t get any Safe; only Cools and Fines, but then I didn’t get Perfect either.

Swipe mechanic

There are special notes in Touch Mode that you have to swipe in specific direction. And if there are multiple of these swipe notes in sequence, you can chain and get higher scores if you don’t lift up your touch (kinda like what you would do for scratching in Project Diva f for Vita).

But you can also get one extra chain if you move from tap to swipe without lifting the touch.

So let’s say for example these are these notes: tap, swipe, swipe, swipe.

If you tap, let go, touch the screen again and then swipe 3 times without lifting up, you only get 2 chains.

But if you tap, continue to hold and swipe 3 times without lifting up, you get 3 chains.

Sometimes there’s a distance between a tap note and the next note which might turn out to be swipe note, so you might want to keep the touch pressed if you can’t see what the next note is yet.

I thought I wouldn’t touch Touch Mode (lol), but I’m liking it now X)


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