Touch mode score mechanic

In my previous post I talked about a little trick to get extra chain during swiping. But does that get me a lot of additional score points?

It’s pretty easy to get All Cool (i.e., no Fine at all) for the song Finder on Easy, so I tested it out.

This is the result if you don’t take advantage of chaining at all:


Not even 100% lol ^^;

This is the result if you chain every swipes but don’t use the tap-hold extra chain trick:


So its 81874 – 81375 = 499 points difference, only 0.6% increase.

(You may notice I have slightly different Hold Bonus, but it’s just 1-2 points anyway ^^;)

This is the result when you use the tap-hold trick to get extra chain:


83126 – 81874 = 1252 (1.5%) from the second method and 83126 – 81375 = 1751 (2.2%) from the first method.

Pretty substantial (it’s even more substantial than going from first method to second method).

It would be more when there are more swipe notes in a song.

So yeah, if you can, always use this trick!

Also, in the previous 3 plays, I didn’t rotate circle pad (or mash buttons) during rainbow hold notes at all, since I kinda want to check if doing that actually gives me any additional score point. So I played one more time, this time rotating circle pad during rainbow hold notes.

Here is the result:


It doesn’t give any extra score point (again, the little difference is just due to Hold Bonus)

So rainbow notes are strictly to gain more Mirai points only.

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