Enjoying Project mirai 2

The amount of content in this game is just crazy.

There are 26 new songs + 21 songs from the previous game.

There are 2 gameplay modes for each song: Touch mode and Button mode, and 3 difficulties for each mode.

So it’s 47 x 6 = 282 ‘levels’ to play and perfect.

The first game only has 21 x 3 = 69 ‘levels’, so in this sense this game has 282 ÷ 69 ≈ 4.5 times more content.

It seems to take forever to start from the first song and play all the way to the end song ^^;

The sister series Project Diva has 4 difficulties for each song since the second game. If they want to compete with the amount of ‘levels’ in this one, it needs to have 282 ÷ 4 ≈ 71 songs. And I don’t think any Project Diva game has overcome the 40-songs barrier ^^;

All the songs in this game also seem to be full version (some songs in Project Diva are apparently edited to be shorter). Apparently I have never heard the full version of World Is Mine before this game; I thought the one in Project Diva is already full version ^^;

Mirai 2 gameplay is also very different from mirai 1, so it doesn’t feel like they just slapped in old content at all.

I thought I would focus on Button mode, but I find myself gravitating toward Touch mode. It’s the more unique of the two after all, since Button mode is closer to Project Diva.

Also, even though I consider myself a Vocaloid listener, I don’t really actively search for new songs. The majority of the Vocaloid songs I know I learned from the games. So I’m bound to learn a few new ones with this game.

Without a doubt for me, the surprise hit of this game is ありふれたせかいせいふく (arifureta sekai seifuku):

It’s hard to tell whether this song is intriguing, cool, cute or creepy ^^;

Not really sure what the title means since it’s all in hiragana… ^^;

Snowman is also nice:

Who knows that snowman has such a nice song ^^;

And Invisible:

There are other nice songs as well, but I think these are my top 3.

This game also grants 2 songs from my wishlist, namely Cendrillon and Electric Love:

I knew about Cendrillon after playing the first Project Diva but before Project Diva 2nd. I can’t remember how but probably someone from GameFAQs introduced it to me.

Still, I didn’t know there was a Rin & Len version named Adolescence ^^;

As for Electric Love, I knew it before Project Diva f is released. It had a promotional iOS app and I stumbled upon it when I was searching for Hatsune Miku apps. At first I thought the song was meh but then it grew on me. In Project Diva F, they used the author’s other popular song, Sweet Devil.

In any case, it would probably take some time before I’m done with this game ^^;


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