Lately… (pretty long post ^^;)


Took JLPT N5 exam. Unfortunately, I know for sure I won’t get full marks. There was a trick question at the last part and I fell for it -_-;

Not sure if I should take N4 or skip to N3 next… Most Japanese companies seem to accept minimum N3 for employment, and there are only 2 JLPT exams in a year.

Love Live! School Idol Festival

I’ve been just calling it Love Live! iOS but now that it’s also on Android (for some time already) and the Vita game is also coming, I guess it’s time for me to call it by its proper subtitle, Love Live! School Idol Festival (or SIF) for short.

They did something special for the latest 2 new stories.

First, the members wear exercise outfits:


Then, the little sister of Honoka and little sister of Eli make an appearance:



Just obtained the SR card prize for the current Third Score Match event:


Also a new normal card:


I thought she was a new character, but she turned out to be a returning character also:


I’m thinking to stop playing this game though, as I’ve realized that these smartphone games are generally event-driven; when one event is over, another event will come, and this will endlessly repeat (until the company decides to shut down the service). Playing these games is like a donkey chasing a carrot. At least in single-player games, there’s an implied promise that the chase would eventually end. Also, when I think about it, it’s pretty much ridiculous when you decide to pay for these games, what you’re actually paying for.

At least with Love Live! SIF, the rhythm games are real and provide real challenges, and you do get rewarded for leveling up with fully-voiced visual novel scenes (I mean, the voice actresses need to be paid, right?)

I guess I would be doing one last spurt for the Christmas event.

Hatsune Miku Project mirai 2

Still trying to perfect everything… basically.

Death of my Vita T.T

I forgot to charge my Vita’s battery and let it die while in standby mode, and now the battery pretty much went bonkers. It wouldn’t charge even when connected to power adapter, laptop, PS3, etc. At first I thought the fault was on the cable or adapter, but I went to a game shop and did diagnostics and found that the problem lies within the Vita itself.

It could be the charging port, but I have tried to blow into it and use toothpick to remove possible dirt, and they don’t help. Most likely the battery has become faulty.

It turns out that it’s still charging, but without the orange light and verrry slowly. And it won’t charge to full (it seems to stop on 3/4 or 1/2) and sometimes the Vita won’t turn on even though it’s supposedly has some charge. Very unreliable, and so I have deactivated this Vita from my PSN account while it’s still possible.

Moral of the story is, never let your Vita die while in standby mode. It doesn’t seem to do the right thing and might spoil the battery. Most of the charging issues I read on the net are caused by this.

I guess I have too many portable devices now… each device bought is another device to care its battery; apparently unlike console machines that draw power directly from power sockets, you can’t just leave these devices alone for a long time or their batteries would be screwed. Even my PSP-3000 has become problematic (when it acts up, it keeps going to the ‘quit game’ screen), most likely due to the battery.

The new Vita… sucks

So I bought the new slim Vita, white color just for a change.


All I can say is, if you have a recollection of how certain games look on the old Vita, the new screen is very depressing; they look washed out, colors don’t look as vibrant, and light shades get lumped as white.

While some games still look okay, some games, like Project Diva f, look bad! I guess the Project Diva developers have calibrated the colors to look as good as possible on the old Vita screen, and is now paying a price for it (the new Vita didn’t exist back then).

And I wondered why God Eater 2 has 2 color adjustments, with the latter being extremely saturated on the old Vita to even be a choice. Now I think I know why… it’s probably for the new Vita… the idea is that when you use color option 2 on new Vita, it will look similar to how it looks on old Vita with color option 1.

The only thing I think that’s really better in new PS Vita is the home, start and select buttons. They are much easier to press on new PS Vita. It’s very easy to go back to home screen or capture screenshots now.

But after a while I gotta say even I get used to the screen, that the old Vita screen is the one overly saturated. I still prefer how black looks black on the old Vita screen though.

From Vita to Vita

With the situation I’m in, I’m pretty much forced to learn the ins and outs of moving data from Vita to Vita.

It turns out to be pretty straightforward; most of the data, including save data, DLC, medias and probably patch data are stored in the memory card. One thing to keep in mind is that the memory card is associated (tied) to a PSN account. So you just take out the memory card from old Vita, activate (associate) the new Vita with the same PSN account as the memory card, and insert the memory card into the new Vita, and that’s it. You can even put the memory card back and forth between the two Vitas, but do remember that the official instruction says that you should completely turn off the Vita first to avoid possible data corruption.

Surprisingly, what seems to be not stored in the memory card, but stored somewhere else within individual Vita system, is the local trophy data. When I put the memory card into the new Vita, I forgot to sync the latest 3 trophies I obtained on the old Vita.

In any case, the local trophy collection on new Vita would always start empty, but as you play a game that you’ve played and obtained some trophies before for the first time on new Vita, the game will be put as an entry on the local trophy collection (with zero trophies), and then by syncing to the server you get the trophies you’ve earned on that game back to the local collection.

But since I forgot to do latest sync on my old Vita, even with syncing to the server, I seem to have lost the 3 trophies. I thought it’s not a big deal since I can just start a new game and get them again. But it turns out, when I put the memory card back to my old Vita, all my past games’ local trophy collection is still there, even the 3 trophies I haven’t synced. I have since synced it on the old Vita, and I don’t even need to re-obtain them again on the new Vita.

So yeah, either the trophy data is not in the memory card, or it’s indeed in memory card but each Vita can only see their own data. In that case, won’t there be duplication of data inside the memory card? -.-;

Also, you might want to deactivate (disassociate) the Vita that you no longer plan to use from your account (there are limits to how many devices you can tie to your PSN account, after all). One convenient (one stone kills two birds) way is to make sure there is no memory card inside, then go to settings > ‘restore PS Vita system’ (make it factory setting again). It will offer you to deactivate it from your account before restoring it. You pretty much should always say yes (there shouldn’t be even a choice!) because if you say no, it will no longer be possible to deactivate that Vita from your account (the instruction even says so) unless you email Sony support!

In fact, if you have hit the device limit, you might have to do the last paragraph first before moving to new Vita… just make sure the memory card is not inserted or it might be formatted along with the restore operation (not sure, but better be safe than sorry).

God Eater 2

For some reason, I end up focusing on God Eater 2 on my new Vita and I have reached difficulty 3 missions.

I like how the gameplay from the previous game is pretty much intact (unlike some game series that change with each numbered sequel) and although they add quite a number of new gameplay elements to it, they mix naturally well; nothing seems to be removed or has to be altered.

They add one support move for each existing weapon, and add 2 new weapons: Boost Hammer and Charge Spear, which are purely crush and purely pierce weapons respectively. Back then, there is only one purely slash weapon (Long Blade), then slash + pierce (Short Blade) and slash + crush (Buster Blade).

The Boost Hammer is unexpectedly interesting. You might think that it would be a slow weapon, but you can rev it up (the slow part) and then do fast infinite combo and even escape maneuver. But need to constantly watch the stamina -.-;

The Charge Spear is also pretty interesting. As the name implies, you can charge it, but you can do so even while moving and jumping. And as long as you can keep the combo going (by doing combo cancel before the combo ends, some flying attack and returning to the ground combo again) you can keep the charge.

I like the new Blood Arts system. Blood Arts are special moves, basically you learn more of them as you use certain moves over and over. Some make the normal combo more powerful, some change the normal attack and greatly change the way the weapon is used, and some give you infinite combo. You can only equip one of them at a time though, but so far they seem OP ^^;

I also like the character episodes, which are character-specific sub quests. Not only these episodes the characters more screen time, more stuffs are unlocked and the characters become more powerful as well.

And yep, many fine ladies in this game X)







There’s also Erina, Yuno, Nana, Alisa, Rachel, Leah, Fran and more.

BOOKWALKER now restricts sales

So yeah, recently I found that some books are marked 日本国内のみ販売, meaning they can only be sold in Japan. Sure enough, when I click on the book, I go to ‘sorry, this book is not available in your country’ page. Probably it checks that my IP address is outside Japan, which can be bypassed with Japanese VPN. But if they now require Japanese credit card, it would be something that I’m unable to bypass as of now.

I’m at loss at why they even put efforts in doing this. Don’t they want more sales? What about real Japanese who happen to be overseas?

Just knowing that some books are restricted, and probably even more in the future, it makes me think twice before buying new books in BOOKWALKER.

BookLive doesn’t seem to do this yet (or they have, but unlike BOOKWALKER it’s not shown until I try to purchase a manga) but I wouldn’t be surprised if they follow suit, it could be some regulations they have to follow… but yeah, this whole restriction thing is stupid.


2 thoughts on “Lately… (pretty long post ^^;)

  1. OshareKeiji

    Ah, the “Death By Charge Starvation Clause”. Same thing happened to me with an older portable device. since them I’ve gotten into the habit of putting non-cellphone gadgets on hard shutdown when I won’t be using them for an extended period of time.

    Guess the “LCD Vita screen will deliver the same quality as the first-gen OLED Vita” was a blatant falsehood. It still baffles me why they went back to LCD since it consumes more power and there’s still the risk of DPD.

    Guess that’s part of the reason why it’s cheaper…. and the home + start & select button do look easier to push.

    1. Helu Post author

      That’s what I’ll be doing from now on, too… I was kinda misled by Apple products that other companies also make their products ‘do the right thing’ when the batteries get low to make sure this incident doesn’t even happen -.-;

      And yep, this is a cheap Vita, no matter how one looks at it. ‘Professional’ reviewers nowadays are just paranoid that they would blacklisted by product companies from receiving future test units or getting invited to events to say the truth… -_-“


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