Love Live! update: UR Kotori coming!

Third Score Math event just ended. I ranked about 19000th-ish and besides the SR card, also got a premium Gacha ticket and 2 Loveca stones. I didn’t get anything nice with the ticket though… bummer -.-

But more importantly, they’re starting to give out the UR Kotori card:


This would be my first UR (Ultra Rare) card X)

Basically you just need to login daily 5 times between 16th December to 15th January. Pretty ridiculously ample time, if you ask me. For each day you’ll get a Loveca stone until the fifth one, which you’ll get the UR Kotori card.

They haven’t announced the next event yet, like when it starts… but I’m pretty sure the next event would be the Christmas event, where you can get both SR Maki and Nico cards. Usually there’s only one SR card prize so I’m not sure how they’re gonna handle two prizes.

The latest story has the members wearing stage costumes:


It also unlocks a new song, Takaramonozu:


This song is specifically made for the game; the costumes they wear are the same ones from a set of SR cards that were released a while ago, like this one:


Pretty nice collaboration ^^

I haven’t seen the Maki version of this card yet… T.T

(Well, I can always check wiki… but that would spoil the fun ^^;)

And I gotta say, this is the most frantic song on Hard yet (gameplay-wise):

That’s not me, btw. I don’t play on iPad… ^^;

There’s also another new song unlocked previously called Love marginal, which strangely sounds similar to Hatsune Miku & Kagamine Rin’s Promise.

Love marginal:


Okay, it’s not that similar… but somehow sounds similar. I guess just parts of it. When I listened to Love marginal I quickly thought of Promise. Same genre? ^^;

Lastly, awakened form of new normal card:


Supposedly there’s another new Normal card mixed into the normal Gacha, but I still haven’t been able to get it…

Edit: they also updated the new visual novels arts to the older stories!

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