God Eater 2, story complete

Whew, after a few days of focusing on God Eater 2, I managed to complete the story missions.

But to complete every missions (and with highest rank!), unlock every equipments, master every Blood Arts, that might take forever… I have a friend who sunk 700 hours in one Monster Hunter game (that’s about a month out of his life lol) and this is basically a high-speed anime Monster Hunter game.

Here are some impressions, comments, opinions, etc.

Nice characters

The characters’ 3D models look great, and especially during cutscenes, they show a wide range of expressions. The only other game this reminds me of is Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. I gotta say, some of the characters look almost perfect to be 3D models.






Looking at the credits, I noticed that even though Shift is the developer, the 3D character models and the cutscenes are handled by a separate company called Flight Unit. I think they did a good job ^^

It’s a bit disappointing that although most scenes are fully voiced, some cutscenes are not voiced for no good reason (budget? memory space?)

The story

The story is pretty okay; it’s the epic anime kind. I can kind of understand the limitations; the game is not a ‘free’ action game where the developers can introduce unusual flow: it has structure that it rigidly follows that you start in a base, select a mission, take on the mission and rinse and repeat.

The story is mostly backstory of each Blood unit member first, then some plot twists (a surprising one, too), set-up for the final conflict and then the final conflict.

After the main story (with credits rolling), there is additional extra story, which is about 15% of the whole story. It might make the overall story feel weirdly paced. The most disappointing part is how the extra story ends, which is nothing (no cutscenes, no another credits, etc).

I think an easier way to think of the extra story is that it’s a DLC that they could’ve released later, but they chose to put it now. It’s strangely a bad move because I was expecting the story to move in new directions but it kinda ended too quickly and with less fan-fare. If they were to release as DLC later, I might’ve expected less.

Super God Eater

Despite the visual improvements, I’m pretty impressed how the game manages to feel the same as the previous entry. The controls, the sound, the UI, many things. The developers don’t go crazy to rebuild everything from scratch or revamp the UI. I think it makes the players who have played the previous game feel at home.

But despite the similarities, many gameplay elements have been added, all seem to be in service of making the players ever more powerful: there are 2 new weapon types (Boost Hammer and Charge Spear), 1 new gun (Shotgun), 1 new move for every existing weapons, special move for each gun (back then, they only differ in stats, I think), Blood Arts (powerful special attacks that you learn as you keep using certain moves; you can only select one of them), Blood Bullets (modifiers for the bullet customization system), Link Support system (basically time-based status boosts), etc.

Even the character episodes (sub stories) help make the NPC characters more powerful as they learn new abilities; I think in the previous game they aren’t as powerful and don’t help as much.

In this game, I think Kanon is very powerful (not sure about the previous game)…




She still does friendly fire (no damage but annoying), but look at all those bullets she’s making Aragamis eat 0.o she’s a good healer too ^^

Game breaking bullet

Well, the secret how I’m able to complete the story is… I found a very powerful bullet recipe from Japanese wiki. Dubbed meteor bullet, it takes advantage of the new Blood Bullet system (modifiers) to make a bullet that deals very very high damage.

The 2 modifiers in question are: a modifier that increases the bullet’s damage the longer it ‘lives’ before hitting anything and a modifier that multiplies the bullet’s damage based on gravity.

So the bullet recipe makes the bullet shoot up to the sky (silly, I know), then make it stay there for a verrrryyy long time (maximizing the effect of modifier #1). Then it’ll fall straight down to the ground (modifier #2). When it hits the ground, the blast has an extremely large radius (that’s why it’s still viable despite being in the air for so long).

It’s been called ‘game-breaking’, and I guess it’s true when all 4 players in multiplayer use this bullet. As such, the players I meet online generally agree to ban this bullet. But for me, it does make the missions more solo-able.

It still doesn’t remove the difficulty as you would still need to fight the Aragamis to gain ammo point before you can finally fire the bullet. Even the last story mission is still hard that I need to try 3 times. Most large Aragamis in higher difficulties die between 3-5 hits of this bullet.

This bullet (specifically, modifier #1) will be nerfed to some degree in the upcoming update.

Time to play online?

I tried playing multiplayer using PS3’s Adhoc Party, and I gotta say, even though they don’t use meteor bullets, many of the players are crazy strong! (they have max-rank weapons, powerful bullets and use Skills to their advantages).

It would certainly help to be in the company of these guys even when the meteor bullet is nerved. But I should craft even better equipments (my equipments are about rank 7-8; highest rank is 11), craft some powerful-but-not-cheap bullets, improve my skills etc so I don’t drag them down ^^;


16 thoughts on “God Eater 2, story complete

  1. Tsuya

    the story mode ain’t that hard but i agree it needs second finisher,
    i finished the magutsu kyuubi mission with 29 minutes left, 7 times incap-ed, and all rank 9 equipment, without the meteor bullet though it needs several trial since each aragami keeps suddenly try to rounding up with the other 2. so i bring a full party with kanon, lindow and soma. each of them hard to kill in their own way,
    kanon IS the one with the highest damage output it seems, brought her into the lower rank mission where she one shot an ogretail while i stabbed the other 4 times.
    i don’t know about playing online but several partners i have is a berserker type that just goes on with tactic that says, “if it’s alone, rush it together. if it’s in group, separate them and decrease their number until the biggest one left.” and i got to fight susano’o alone…
    then again, about the routine it kinda natural on military organization i think…
    oh, and i just learned how lazy lindow is…

    1. Helu Post author

      It’s been a while since I’ve played this game (haven’t even played the latest update and I’m not even aware whether the big paid DLC with new and returning characters are already out), but thanks for the comments, really appreciate it ^^

    1. Helu Post author

      I would I could explain it in details, but it’s one of the most sophisticated parts in the game, and it’s been a while since I played it ^^; Basically somewhere outside missions, there’s an in-game screen that shows the list of bullet types that you have. If you haven’t made any bullet type before, those are the default bullet types. In this screen, there’s an option for you to create new bullet types… ^^;

    1. Helu Post author

      I’m playing Vita version and I doubt it can be shared ^^; and seeing how I no longer play the game, I’m sure there are better save datas out there… ^^;

  2. John

    That’s OK thank you though. Do you know of any place that has one? I want to play this one but don’t know Japanese so I usually use story summaries to play them.

    1. Helu Post author

      Unfortunately no… first thing to come to mind is GameFAQs, but I checked and there were no translation FAQs available.

  3. Alazel

    In some point on a game where we first met Alisa, some voice that usually accompany us through the missions (hibari voices I believe) it’s gone.
    Even at the cutscene where I met Alisa, the voice is gone where I felt that usually that the first time we met a new character, you want to hear their voices.

    Am I have to hit something on the game setting or anything, or is this normal?
    I can understand that some cutscene are voiceless, but it kinda bother me that Hibari voices while I’am on mission is gone. (Though I don’t think I need guidence so much XD)


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