God Eater 2

Managed to synthesize rank 11 Short Blade and Blast Gun (the standard Kurogane series).

The ‘Monster Hunter craze’ where you want to make more and more powerful equipments doesn’t get me yet… so I’m a bit at loss of what to with the game now ^^;

But have played quite a number of Adhoc Party sessions, and gotten the Santa costume:


There’s one other ‘classical’ Santa costume but unless you bought a digital version, got a code, and asked your friend to buy another digital version for him/herself and use that code, you won’t get the DLC that unlocks a mission that allows you to craft that costume. Supposedly as long as one has it, one can put up a session in Adhoc Party and others can join in, play the mission and get the material, but I haven’t been able to find these people -,-

I gotta say, when playing online with strong players, it gets quite ridiculous; it’s basically 4 players gangraping the big Aragami with Blood Arts and the Aragami can’t do much about it. They could barely escape and might even remain stunned until they died ^^;

Guess I’ll need to think of what I shall do next… ^^;

Love Live! School Idol Festival

Gotten the special Christmas UR (Ultra Rare) Kotori card:


My first ever UR card lol ^^;

It was apparently bugged at first; it was supposed to be ‘pre-awakened’, meaning there is no need to awaken it (it’s already awakened). But not only the awakened icon is grayed out when looking at the card in Album, its max level was 80 (max level for unawakened UR card) instead of 100. It has since been fixed.

Its stats are apparently pretty weak. Well, it’s free after all. A knowledgeable person also told me the SR and UR cards that can be obtained from serial codes from buying other products are also weaker relative to the SR and UR cards gotten from the in-game Gacha.

A new event is now ongoing:


It has 2 SR card prizes instead of just one this time.

The SR Nico card is an easy grab, requiring only to collect 6,000 event points (the main prize SR Umi card is 12,000 event points).

The UR Kotori and SR Nico were part of Chrismas poll held quite a while back. Back then they polled for which three characters players want to be made into special Christmas cards. The top 3 results were Kotori, Nico and Maki.

Now that UR Kotori and SR Nico were already out, that left Maki, which unfortunately should be held back for the next event -.-

Hope it’s a very nice illustration of her! X)


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