LoveLive! SIF milestones

Managed to max UR Kotori card’s level and kizuna.


So the bonus story when you max kizuna for UR cards appears to be longer than just R cards (but not by a lot).

Managed to FC the event song on Hard:


And one of the special rotating songs (changes every day) on Hard:



This particular song has been available for a long time but back then I shied from these songs because they’re more difficult and take more stamina (and when you fail, you’re forced to spend a Loveca stone in order to carry on). It turns out I’m quite capable to handle them now ^^;

I’ve also reached a point in the game where I’ve leveled up all my R, SR and UR cards. Not all of them are awakened, but yeah, practically there’s nothing to level up anymore, until I get new R or above cards.

Yet, everytime I play a Live, I would get 3 N cards. And these would keep trickling in until my cards’ max capacity is reached.

I’m not sure what to do with these cards but my guess is I should pick one of the N cards and level it up whenever I run out of space. Although maxed N cards can be used to quickly level up new cards, there’s actually a waste of EXP in the process. The math is, it takes 8,000 EXP to level up N card to max, but using maxed N card for level-up gives 4,800 EXP.

Anyway, while the recent new N cards are new illustrations of the old N cards, the latest ones are even more special because the developers decided this time to use characters from more recent N cards (instead of only the first batch).

Here’s the event’s new N card prize:


Can’t see her awakened version until the event is over ^^;

The old Ranpha:


And a new N card available from standard recruitment (Gacha):


The old Chiduko:


I still can’t find another copy of her. While previously I find it pretty easy to get new N cards from recruitment, this time it seems hard. Maybe it’s my bad luck.

So far the new N cards have very different illustrations when awakened, so I’m pretty excited to find out what they look like X)


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