Granite Tombstone

This Long Blade is another weapon that I find many players are using.


In fact, in my card list, there are more Granite Tombstone users than Wild Sword Laoyang users.

Apparently, it’s a rather special blade because while Long Blades are generally pure Sunder (slash) attribute weapon, this one is pure Crush. Crush weapons are normally Buster Blades and Boost Hammers.

One of its skills, Sword Master, modifies the blade’s damage.

In God Eater, depending on the weapon’s attack attribute and the Aragami’s body part’s resistance, there are 4 types of damage: Critical, Great, Good and OK. It can be visually identified by the hit effects. Critical is big white slash, Great is red, Good is green, and OK is just little sparks.

The Sword Master increases Critical damage by 1.5 while reduces Good and OK damage to 0.5.

The negative effect of the skill might be worrisome, but apparently it’s pretty easy to find Aragami’s body parts that lead to Critical damage, perhaps thanks to its very high Crush stat, and then focus on them and lead to big damages. Even the Great parts are okay too, since they are not affected. Just avoid the Good and OK ones.

There’s also a concept of breaking enemy’s armors and generally I find it easier than ever to break armor parts with this weapon (I guess most armors are susceptible to Crush?)

It also has All Out Attack skill, which increases damage at the cost of using some stamina for each attack (it’s as if this blade is built to kill!), and Increase Oracle Intake during Burst skill.

But really, players use the Blood Arts Impulse Edge Rapid Fire with this weapon.

This Blood Arts shoots rapid-fire bullets and while I’m not sure how it really works, the bullets supposedly derive their attributes from the blade’s (so it should be very powerful as well). This move spends OP, so the Increase Oracle Intake skill is also beneficial. With Blast Gun’s OP reserve system (when OP gauge is full, you can ‘store it’ for future use and carry on accumulating), you can keep shooting for a very long time.

So players collect enough OP, target the Aragami’s Critical parts, spam this Blood Arts, down the enemies, and continue spamming while they’re down. The Aragamis usually die pretty fast. It’s pretty much the secret of the fast killers, if you meet these players ^^;


4 thoughts on “Granite Tombstone

  1. James

    I have another question for you. First, I think I am still a ways off from getting these weapons. None of the currently available weapons seem to be higher than rank 3 or 4, despite having done all the quests except 1 up and including rank 4. So if these weapons are rank 10, I’m not even halfway there. I am playing solo by the way.

    But my main question is, do you know the battle that takes place in rank 4 with the two kongou and the (after you beat the kongou) large mechanical horse/tank/thing that shoots the missiles at you? I can’t seem to beat him. I spend most of the time reviving my AI teammates with a sliver of health left and have lost twice already. It’s frustrating because this is the only battle I’ve lost in the game so far. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Helu Post author

      New weapons would be available to synthesize as you obtain new monster drops that are part of the materials used to synthesize those new weapons. And the monsters drop different items depending on mission difficulties (they are split to difficulties 1-3, 4-6, 7-8 and 9-10). Even the items you collect on the field change depending on the difficulties.

      Well, there are various ways to make the battles easier.

      First is upgrade the shield since it boosts your overall defense (you’ll take less damage even when hit).

      Second is use upgrade kits (the two slots) to increase HP or other stats.

      Third is craft bullets with elemental that the monsters are weak against and use them when your OP is full. When I was a beginner I only relied on blades and it made battles longer. You can check elemental weakness by checking Aragami section on terminal. Upgrade the guns to increase its damage multiplier.

      Fourth is look for enemy’s body parts where your attacks can do more damage (instead of sparks which deal least damage). Red and especially white damages are desired, and green are so so (but sometimes green are the best you can find depending on your weapon). One of the weak parts for this particular monster is the missile pods at its back (you need to jump to reach it)

      Fifth is to block more often. When I was a beginner I only dashed and never blocked, and I kept taking damage and in the end died. You can also block mid-air (the case of this monster is when it jumps backward, for example).

      But yeah, the thing about God Eater is to upgrade, upgrade and upgrade (blades, guns, shields, everything).

  2. James

    Thanks so much for the tips. I need to spend more time with GE Burst to really know the weapons, and then transfer that knowledge and familiarity to GE2. This is valuable advice. Many thanks.


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