Highscore Girl vol.5


Highscore Girl vol.5 was released on Christmas at Japanese digital bookstores such as BookLive (on the dot!)

BookLive’s page: http://booklive.jp/product/index/title_id/194039/vol_no/005

Previously, at the end of vol.4, Koharu challenges Haruo to a match. If Koharu wins, then Haruo will become her boyfriend. If she loses, then she agrees to give up on him.


Vol.5 is mostly about Akira’s ‘last days’ of being able to play games and meet with Haruo, because of her private tutor’s stricter rules. The tutor even came to Haruo’s house (in a polite manner), asking him not to find Akira anymore, calling him a burden. His cool mother defended him (also in a polite manner).


After that, Akira’s longtime driver was dismissed of duty by the tutor for sneaking in a Game Gear inside the car. As his last day, the driver decided to bring Akira to Haruo to have fun one last time.


After that, there’re 2 chapters that tell Akira’s backstory on how she came across video games, why she picked less popular characters such as Zangief, and even retold her encounters with Haruo from earlier chapters from her POV.


Meanwhile, Koharu continues to practice in arcade, waiting for Haruo’s letter of challenge (they have agreed that Haruo would put it on the notice board in arcade when he’s ready).

She was defeated by a Felicia player in Vampire Hunter. The player, Nikotama (you can say she’s the third Highscore Girl!) then coaches Koharu to play better, bringing her to secret after-midnight arcade and even teaching her about frame data.


Vol.5 ends with them starting the match. They agreed to play 3 games: Samurai Shodown, KOF 95 and Vampire Hunter.


The digital version actually includes a separate bonus chapter that would be the 1st chapter of upcoming vol.6.


In the bonus chapter, Haruo (as Genan) loses to Koharu (as Ukyo) in Samurai Shodown. This is kinda expected since it’s shown in vol.4 that Koharu is better in Samurai Shodown than Haruo. But Koharu isn’t too good at KOF 95, which is the next match. Instead of picking her main team, the Women Fighters Team (Yuri, Mai and King), she used a secret code to use all the boss characters’ team. Despite that, Haruo won with his main Art of Fighting team. So the current result becomes 1-1. The chapter ends with the start of the last match, which is Vampire Hunter.

This is quite a cliffhanger since Koharu’s supposedly also better in Vampire Hunter… >.<

I got a feeling that the series would end on vol.6, though I don't mind if it would continue further. Even the next volume ad says that it'll be a conclusion to the highschool arc. Whether there are more arcs beyond highschool arc remains to be seen…

Now I can only wait until vol.6 is released… -_-

p.s. this manga is getting an anime adaptation! Just hope that the game companies are all kind enough to lend their licenses (part of this manga’s charm is it uses real video games).


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