My old Vita came back to life! XD


Previously, I forgot to completely turn off my old Vita when it’s low on battery and let it die. Then it had a charging problem where the orange light indicator wouldn’t turn on. This seems to be a widespread issue; many people who have the same issue cited the same cause.

It turns out that my old Vita is still charging, but without orange light and very slowly. You can leave it charging for two days and the battery will still be half-full. I thought the battery was spoiled that it could only reach half-full capacity.

Morale of the story: Always turn off Vita completely when you’re not going to pick it up again for some time, especially when the battery is not full. Always turn it off when you stop playing just to be safe (you never knew that you would forgot about it completely for weeks). You might lose the instant sleep-and-wake gratification (like smartphones), but turning on Vita completely is still less tedious than turning on stuffs to play PS3, anyway.

Thinking that there was no hope for my old Vita, I bought the new Vita, which turns out to be a cheap Vita with washed-out LCD screen.

But I left my old Vita charging in another room (good way to keep it out of my mind) and completely forgot about it (maybe even more than a week). I turned it on yesterday and found out that the battery has turned full!

So I returned the memory card from new Vita back to old Vita, played the Madoka game until the battery is 3/4.

It took pretty long time for it to reach 3/4, so I guess the battery life is still okay. Even if the battery life turns out to be compromised, I don’t play long hours anyway (I rarely go from full to half-full, with the exception of Adhoc Party sessions where I feel bad for leaving the group ^^;).

Then I tried charging it. At first, the orange light indicator didn’t turn out (damn…), but seconds later it did! (yay!) Maybe that’s normal for the orange light to not appear as soon as the power cable is plugged. And when the orange light finally turned off, I turned on the Vita and saw that the battery is full again.

So I guess my old Vita returned to charging normally and therefore magically fixed itself.

And now I have both the old and new Vitas, which I don’t really need -.-;

I was able to make more comparisons between the two, and have decided to return and stick to the old Vita for a couple of reasons:

Image quality: I really like old Vita’s screen. The colors are more vibrant, and the black is truly black. The new Vita’s screen is washed out, yellowish (now that I observe, old Vita is kinda bluish but it certainly beats yellowish). And you can see the new Vita’s backlight on black screen (so it becomes dark gray). Some bright shades that you can notice as gradient in old Vita get lumped as white in new Vita (again, thanks to the backlight, I guess). And some games, like Project Diva f, I think are so calibrated for old Vita’s screen that it looks really bad on new Vita.

Button feedback: So it might be wear-and-tear, but I like old Vita’s buttons’ feel more than new Vita. Both are clicky, but new Vita’s buttons seem to require more force and they’re loud (kinda like 3DS XL). I tried playing Project Diva f and performed worse on new Vita. While new Vita’s shoulder buttons might be more tactile, I think old Vita’s ones are still easier to press. The only thing I prefer about new Vita is its home, start and select buttons are bigger and easier to press.

Touchscreen responsiveness: So this might be caused by the screen protectors. I don’t know which brand is used on my old Vita, but my new Vita uses Hori. Nevertheless, let’s say it’s not caused by screen protectors, sometimes I get no input when I touch the screen of my new Vita, that I have to try again with more force. The input can mess up during scrolling too. It feels like something in-between capacitative and resistive (3DS) touchscreens. Old Vita on the other hand can be too responsive; my thumb can be like 1mm away from the screen and it’ll detect it as a touch. In the end old Vita is better since missed input is more annoying (and more common) than accidental input.

Ergonomics: Old Vita might be fatter and heavier, but I think it’s still light enough, and it snuggles into my hands more perfectly. New Vita is not as ergonomic compared to old Vita (at least for me). It’s like thin mouse vs ergonomic mouse.

Back touch panel: New Vita’s back touch panel is actually smaller. I tried using back touch panel capability in God Eater 2 and I find that it can be pretty uncomfortable sometimes to make my middle finger reach further inside the back touch panel (in order to make outward swipe).

Look: Old Vita looks like a premium product. I think it looks comparable to an iPhone (the front part, at least). New Vita on the other hand looks cheap.

Speakers: I think old Vita’s speakers sound better than new Vita’s. Seems like it has more bass. This may be my imagination but sometimes the new Vita’s speakers crackle.

Black vs white: This is my preferences but after buying a new white Vita, I prefer black color. There is something annoying about white.

I’m just gonna keep my new Vita in case my old Vita broke down again ^^;

In fact, once I have determined after some time that my old Vita is no longer problematic, I might decide to sell my new Vita. Who knows one day there might be a ‘new’ new Vita that is really better than old Vita.

Ah, being able to play with old Vita’s OLED screen again is bliss… ^^


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