Kantai Collection (Kan Colle) [2]

It’s 2014, eh ^^

I thought I would talk about the other notable Kan musume (fleet girls) that I haven’t yet covered in my first post.

First post: Kantai Collection (Kan Colle)

So here goes ^^

(In my first post I ordered them by whom I think are the most popular, but this time I just go through the list and pick the notable ones that I haven’t covered)

Fusou and Yamashiro

026 027

Whereas Shoukaku and Zuikaku are sisters of differing luck (Shoukaku is bad luck while Zuikaku is good luck), Fusou and Yamashiro are both bad luck sisters. They are easily identified by the tower-like accessory on their heads. Yamashiro seems to be more famous than Fusou.

Ise and Hyouga

003 004

They appear prominently as the instructors in one of Kan Colle manga series. Like Fusou and Yamashiro, they are pretty easy to distinguish because of their big ship parts.



She is of Nagato-class. Previously I only mentioned Nagato, but Mutsu appears to be quite popular as well. They are like mother figures, with Yamato being more dense than Mutsu.



Another senior-looking ship like Nagato. She is often seen carrying red umbrella. Although she appears in a number of places in anthology comics, for some reason she doesn’t have any dialogue. The other ship of her class, Musashi, doesn’t seem to be popular yet.

Souryu and Hiryu

008 009

They are the same class as Akagi and Kaga, and usually act as their juniors.



Her class is Shouhou but she is the popular one. In one of the anthology stories, she seems to be a good medic and junior to Kaga.



She is pretty notable for having a different-colored eye (like it’s broken).

Myoukou, Nachi, Ashigara, Haguro

055 056 057 058-2

Myoukou is a class where the girls dress like nuns (in contrast to 4 Kongou sisters who dress like miko). The most popular one seems to be Haguro (distinguishable by her hairpin), but the other sisters have also appeared several times.

Maya and Choukai

061 062

Same class as Takao and Atago. Maya is the more popular one but since Choukai sometimes appears beside her, I’ve included her as well. Maya is quite known as this energetic girl with sleeveless schoolgirl outfit.



Her class is Nagara. She seems to be quite popular. Apparently she seems to be a useful card in the game (with method called ‘Isuzu farming’).

Yura and Abukuma

044 amarecco0004

Of the Natori class, Yura and Abukuma are pretty notable, both for having unique hairstyles. Abukuma for some reason tends to be at odds with Kitakami (Kitakami and Ooi yuri pair). Maybe some historical reference?



Previously I only mentioned the idol-like Naka, but Sendai of Sendai-class seems to be pretty popular as well. She is known for her love of ‘night battle’, craving for it.



Another notable one because of her unique look.

Yuudachi, Samidare and Suzukaze

082 083 084

The ‘popular’ ones of Shiratsuyu class. Yuudachi because of her black ribbon. I put quotes around popular because sometimes it’s hard to tell between Samidare and Suzukaze ^^; (Suzukaze is the one with her hair tied)



Although she doesn’t seem to appear much in anthology comics, there is a light novel featuring her!

I 19


Seems to be the most popular one out of the submarine class. It’s pretty interesting that the submarine girls wear swimsuits and swim underwater (while the non-submarine ones are ‘skating’ on water).

And that’s about it as far as my knowledge of the girls of Kan Colle goes (though there are still a few ones I’ve yet to mention). Note that I haven’t played the game yet so beyond the stories I read in anthology comics I’m pretty much a noob ^^; (people who play the game should know a lot more info about the girls) But can’t wait for the Vita version! X) (or I might be motivated to go through the hurdles to play the PC version one day… ^^;)

Btw, anime is coming too!


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