About my old Vita (again -_-“)


So recently my Madoka Vita game’s save data corrupted on me that I had to start all over again (10 hours of playtime gone). Depressed, I stopped playing for a while and only started again recently. I thought it was the game’s fault (since it’s a mediocre-quality game, the developers could’ve overlooked some bugs).

But then recently an error message popped up when I woke up my old Vita: ‘Your memory card was taken out. Please put it back and restart Vita.’ But the memory card is always in the slot!

So I think this is the problem; my old Vita now occasionally loses access to the memory card, and in Madoka Vita’s case, it happened at the worst time when I was saving the game, causing the corruption.

This is the same old Vita that previously had charging problem by the way. First battery, now memory card access. God.

I guess I should just give up on my old Vita and since it has become unstable, and play on the new Vita instead. Too bad about the beautiful screen, but I rather not have my game saves corrupt on me…

But then, it could also be my memory card’s fault… (it would be if the same error message pops up on my new Vita one day)

When my electronic things start to break down, it’s pretty depressing… Sigh… -.-“


2 thoughts on “About my old Vita (again -_-“)

  1. WingedHao

    My vita had the same memory stick issue as yours 2 years ago, and yes, I lose all my data. Thanks to that problem I couldn’t finish my Tales of Innocence postgame back then. I think it was fine after changing a new memory stick.

    Now I had a habit of uploading my gamesave to PSN+ every now and then.

    1. Helu Post author

      I actually hope the problem lies with my old Vita and not the memory card… If not, that means I’ve to spend more money… again ^^;


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