Why do I play games?

For some reason I began to wonder…

(I guess people tend to do self-introspection at the start of new year?) ^^;

‘Because it’s fun’ is too generic, imo. Besides, I’m pretty sure I’m not a typical gamer (at least in my local circles), since I don’t really play the same games my friends do.

I also don’t really like strategy-heavy games, or games with too many resources to manage (in a sense, I may not even be considered a gamer ^^;)

After thinking about it, the number one reason really is:

The characters

When I dig certain characters, I buy their games to ‘know more about them’ and ‘show my support’.

This is pretty much why I fall for all those games with pretty ladies ^^;


And many, many, MANY more… ^^;

(I’m a guy, you know :p)

And I guess this is why I rarely buy Western games, since I like Japanese characters more (I grew up with manga and not American comic books, after all) (and Japanese games generally tend to have greater focus on characterization)

This is also why I don’t play games without characters like puzzle games. Even all the rhythm games I play are character-based (I don’t play DJ Max, for example).

I guess the idea is that besides spending money on their merchandises, I also show support to these characters by spending time on their games; playing as them, leveling them up, making sure they become powerful, etc.

So it’s actually less about gameplay and more about the characters. And for characters that originally come from different media, as long as they get translated pretty well in the game, I can stand subpar gameplay.

That’s why previously I mentioned that I may not even be a gamer; I’m more excited about nice characters than great gameplay (more like a ‘character supporter’) (of course, if the gameplay is great, it’s a plus).

This is pretty much why I’m still playing Madoka for Vita even though the gameplay is mediocre (the anime/movie is great), and why I beat Project X Zone even though it’s hellishly repetitive (favorite characters inside).

Why I managed to beat God Eater 2 is pretty much also attributed to this (many pretty ladies) (and I even made my main character look like my favorite Love Live! character Maki).

Back in the early days I even tagged my blog posts with character names besides the game names (for example, this is my Kotobuki Tsumugi tag), though they get confusing since there are situations where I describe mainly one character in text, and the screenshot shows another ^^;

In fact, I can’t remember the last time I buy new series because I read the gameplay is great; it’s more like ‘hey that character looks nice’ ^^;

(If there’s a second reason, it’s the music)

But one problem is I think I like way too many characters now; it’s pretty hard for me to even nominate my ‘top favorite characters’ to focus on them ^^;

Character designs never end, I guess; there is always a new nice character around the corner.

And even if I buy the games for the characters, sometimes complicated gameplay still turns me off. I guess it kinda shows that I don’t love them enough ^^; (like Atelier series, I like the art and characters, but the time progression and materials turn me off)

I guess in these cases, instead of being overwhelmed by the gameplay, if I just focus on the characters and think about improving their stats, it would help, I think… (never really persuade myself this way before, so I guess I’ll give it a try… ^^;)

P.s., if you’re wondering if I have favorite male characters at all: ^^;


And others like Hotsuma (Shinobi PS2), X and Zero (MegaMan X), etc.

It’s of much lesser proportion than female characters, and sadly it’s pretty safe to say that quite a number of them (like Samanosuke and Rikimaru) have been pretty much forgotten in gaming world.

My hope for the next Onimusha and Tenchu games have not been answered for too long -_-” …and I still remember how Capcom screwed me with the announcement, and then cancelation, of MegaMan Legends 3 -.-;

But yeah, there you have it, my less pretentious two-cents of why I play video games ^^;


9 thoughts on “Why do I play games?

  1. WingedHao

    True, nowadays, I mainly go for games with art works or character designs that I like. I’m also a sucker for game music and will buy OSTs every now and then.

    1. Helu Post author

      I rarely buy OSTs but I did buy the 光のアリア singles that you tweeted ^^ I like all the tracks, which is amazing for a 7-tracks CD. My favorite has gotta be 手紙 ^^

      The Fight It Out CD on the other hand is garbage (to me). The only track I like is the unremixed version of Fate itself lol. I guess punk genre doesn’t really suit me ^^;

      1. Helu Post author

        Right? And I’m curious how a song like Fight It Out is supposed to fit a Gundam opening movie. Guess I’ll see when it’s uploaded on YouTube… ^^;

      2. Antonio Storm

        i used to play the shit out of onimusha (my favorite capcom game franchise of all time) but since its been a while not hearing the next upcoming game i fear that they stopped at (dawn of dreams) not liking (souls) they discontinued the game. But other games like Monster Hunter and Street Fighter is still alive soo glad that happened.

  2. OshareKeiji

    I dig a lot of your reasons since they mirror my own.

    I’m also pretty much a character-centered type of gamer (and with particular emphasis on females as well), but am also interested in how the language is presented and used to benefit my personal immersion curriculum, like the regional/technical/fad slang terms.

    1. Helu Post author

      Yep, Japanese is such a fascinating language ^^ (much more interesting than the other languages I know)

      I have this personal theory that Japanese are good at writing stories partly due to the characteristics of their language :p


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