Madoka Battle Pentagram Platinum


Finally managed to platinum the game X)

I would’ve gotten it earlier hadn’t the save corrupted on me ^^;

The last trophy between me and the platinum was to max all 5 girls’ levels.

I thought the developers would cap their levels at level 50 like some games, but they went all the way to level 99 -.-;

It’s not so bad though, basically in free mode there is a group of stages called ‘True Witch Battles’ (unlocked by defeating all variations of each boss) where you just fight the ultimate version of the bosses (skipping the floors to get to them). About three of the bosses are faster to defeat, and they give respectable amount of EXP (that the girls can level up 1-2 levels each time).

But the annoying thing is I still haven’t escaped my trophy level 13. I think I have been level 13 for a very long time now… -.-;


Some brief comments about the game:

The most powerful girl in the game is Kyoko because one of her magic attacks is so broken. The magic attack lets her create clones of herself, and the clones automatically track and attack the enemies. After you’ve leveled it up, the magic attack can pretty much clear crowds of enemies automatically with ease and it’s even highly effective against bosses (except the final one).

This magic attack btw is Rosso Fantasma, Kyoko’s special ability that she lost before the anime/movie, but is shown in the spin-off manga Different Story.


Secondly, whenever the girls level up, player gets some bonus points that can be used to raise the stats. I didn’t use them at all, and after I’ve maxed all the girls, I collected 1242 bonus points. Now this might be a bug since firstly it’s not divisible by 5 (girls), and it’s 8 points short in order to max all the girls’ stats (all girls’ stats reach 205 naturally when they’re level 99, and the stat cap is 255, so (255-205) x 5 stats x 5 girls = 1250. If it’s true that it’s a bug, then it’s kinda a killjoy (would’ve loved to make all girls’ stats 255) but oh well…

This game is technically not impressive but I admit in the end I found it quite fun.

Still, it’s time to move on… :p Thinking to move on to a PS3 game, but I almost certainly prefer portable gaming now ^^;


19 thoughts on “Madoka Battle Pentagram Platinum

  1. fernanj003

    A couple questions:
    – How do I beat the stage in free mode that is Charlotte’s bridge stage where one familiar spawns at a time. It’s the one that the timer stays at zero.
    -How do I get the 3rd gold trophy?
    -How do I get the last 2 bronze trophies?

    I’ve looked at translations for the last 2 and they involve fighting Oktavia. I’m assuming it has to be in story mode (Like the other puella vs witch trophies) but I’ve never encountered her. Do I need to do something specific to cause Sayaka to become Oktavia?

    1. Helu Post author

      Hi there ^^

      1st question: I’m not sure but here’s a Japanese wiki page that has been useful for me:輪廻の魔女結界

      Especially the later stages where you need to teleport around.

      If you need further help, maybe you can copy and paste to me the name of the stage from that wiki page ^^

      3rd gold trophy: you need to beat all stages in Free mode. To unlock all stages in Free mode, you would need to play them in Story mode, beat previous stages and even S-rank some of them.

      last 2 bronze trophies: You need to defeat Oktavia in free mode since afaik it’s not available in story mode. The first one is Kyouko solo against normal Oktavia. The second one is Kyouko + Madoka against Oktavia in disco stage.

  2. Dark_itchy

    I’m playing the game at this time but I don’t understand japanese, But how can I Do to get to the free mode ? when I use R or L on story mode I get to another menu with the different witches, is that the free mode ? Cause you say u only beat the witches but I actually do the complete stage. Thanks !

    1. Helu Post author

      Sure. I’m not playing the game right now but I’m sure I can look up the Japanese wiki and translate the information you may need.

  3. damonx

    Hi Helu, thanks for your helpful blog.
    I got a big issue with the last 2 trophies.
    I beat the mermaid witch with the right characters combinaison but the trophies didn’t unlock.
    Which free play mode did you use to unlock the trophies ?

    1. Helu Post author

      Sure ^^ according to Japanese wiki:
      – 人魚の魔女 > ひとりぼっちなんかじゃない with Kyoko solo play (no partner)
      – 人魚の魔女 > 生み出されたひとつの結果 with Kyoko as player and Madoka as partner

      1. damonx

        thanks buddy i got it ! \(^_^)/
        I restared the games 3 times to find the mermaid witch in story mode and killed theses b*tch at least 10 times in free mode but it didn’t use the correct girl with the correct level…
        Again… THANK YOU !

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  5. neko

    Greetings, I have one trophy to go for my platinum, its the trophy to complete all stages in free mode.
    So far I’ve S ranked all trophies including all the bosses. I’ve played the story about 5-6 times but could never figure out what I’m missing out to unlock whatever stages I have not unlock.
    It would be appropriate if you could help me out. Thanks.

    1. Helu Post author

      Hi there, have a look at this page:

      The purple cells display the stage name and how to unlock the stage. You can try to go through it and check which stages you’re missing. Once you found the missing stages, if you aren’t clear how to unlock them, you can ask me again ^^

      Anytime you aren’t sure about Japanese games, you can always Google ‘the game name in Japanese + 攻略’ and you should get into the best Japanese wiki guides on the first results.


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