My major Love Live! draws after a verryy long time…

So I have over 170 Loveca stones, enough to do 3 ’11-cards draw’ (50 stones each) and currently there is a promotion where it’s guaranteed that out of 11 cards one will be at least an SR card.

I’ve decided to spend them; it’s meaningless to keep them lying around unused, anyway.

For all my 3 draws, I get only 1 SR card each; either I’m not really lucky or the game basically keeps track of how often I do draw (which is very rarely) and punish me for it ^^;

For the first two draws, I get the same SR card:


Which is the New Year Eli SR card. Having two, I can awaken it:


If you’re wondering why the stats don’t change, awakened version has higher level and kizuna max, which is what makes it better.

The third draw I got Nico SR card:


After doing draws, I used the premium ticket (allows me to draw 1 card) which I got from event prizes.

And lo behold, the same Nico SR card!

So I can awaken her too:


This is the cheerleader’s theme from Takaramonozu single, btw.


So overnight I get 2 awakened SR cards, both Cool attribute ^^;

Eli is my #4 girl and Nico is #2, so can’t say I’m too disappointed, though I kinda wish I get Maki cards instead (my #3 is Nozomi). If I had spent money on the 150 Loveca stones, which is about 15,000 yen, I might burst into tears lol.

I found that SR cards gotten from draws are generally more powerful than SR card prizes from events. This is another reason for me not to use Loveca stones to recover stamina on events, I guess; save them for draws instead.


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