Super Dangan Ronpa 2 clean-up

So yeah, I’ve decided to go back and clean up Super Dangan Ronpa 2.

I’ve beaten the story but apparently this game has many extra modes:

– Island Mode, which is resource management + dating sim mini game
– In-game Tamagotchi-style pet raising mini game
– Apparently some scrolling action mini game
– Novel (apparently a what-if scenario of the 1st game)

There are trophies for beating a school trial without taking any damage and using bullet time. I just went to chapter select and choose the first chapter’s trial since it’s the easiest.

There is a trophy for finding all the hidden Monokuma stands. For some reason I missed two easy-to-spot stands in the last chapter. I guess I was in a rush last time… ^^;

The pet-raising mini game is kinda annoying. Basically the pet has two stats, Hope and Despair, and depending on the values of these stats, the pet grows into a different adult pet. The trophy basically asks you to raise all 6 possible pets. You raise Hope stats by giving it presents, Despair stats by not cleaning its poos, and pass the time by walking/running in the game.

You can actually raise the pets to become Monomi and Monokuma:



Now I’m in the middle of Island mode which seems to be another time-sinker. The trophy asks you to date every characters and max their love level in order to see all the endings. You need minimum 10 dates for each character to reach max level and to date you need a ticket (so 15 characters x 10 = 150 tickets) and to get tickets you need to complete objectives by managing everyone’s actions. One playthrough is 50 days and since you can only date once a day (twice in holidays), you can max only about 5 characters in a playthrough. Also, the love level doesn’t seem to carry over so using some tickets on a character on the last days without being able to reach to max level would be a waste. This also doesn’t take into account that the objectives are hard to complete at first until you level up characters’ skills and make some useful tools.

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